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Welcome to Robin Greenfield’s website!

For some of you, this is your first time meeting Robin. For others, he’s popped up in your life here and there over the last years. Some of you have followed him for a long time on social media but never been to this site before. And some of you have been here many times! This page is for all of you to help you best utilize this site and find what you are looking for. 

Robin’s purpose through this website is to provide you with the education and inspiration you need to break free from oppressive, exploitative systems and live more closely connected with Earth, humanity and our plant and animal relatives. 

He has written numerous books’ worth of content and hundreds of hours’ worth of video that he shares freely with you right here on this site! All of the work is Creative Commons and free to share. On this site you’ll find 400+ articles, 200+ videos, 100’s of interviews with media, several books and a TV series.

The search feature located on the upper right of the website can be a very helpful tool. Simply type in keywords or phrases and the most relevant pages on the site will be displayed.  

The content on this website has also been organized into approximately fifty categories, which you can find at the bottom of this page. 


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The content on this website has been organized into approximately fifty categories below and you will find that there is crossover between categories. When it comes to life, every aspect is woven together and deeply connected, so we have created categories to help make information more accessible. Simply click any of these categories for relevant content:

A Fresh Perspective,  Activism,  Alternative Homes,  Cold Climate Resources,  Consciousness,  Cycling,  Dumpster Diving,  Empowered Women,  Environment,  Environmental Racism / Intersectionality,  EspañolFamily Resources,  Florida,  Food and Diet,  Food Freedom,  Food Insecurity,  Food Sovereignty,  Food Waste,  Foraging,  Forget Money / Demonetize Life,  Freedom,  Green Riders,  Growing Food,  Healthy,  Happy LivingHomelessness,  Intentional Living,  Live Like Ally Partnership,  Living in Community,  Living in Service and Volunteering,  Minimalism,  Off the Grid,  People Doing Good,  Permaculture,  Personal,  Positive Change StoriesRacial Equality and Justice,  Resource Conservation,  Robin’s Financials and Commitments,  Robin’s Transformation,  San Diego,  Self-Appreciation,  Sharing Resources / Community,  Simple Living,  Sustainable Living,  Tiny Home Living,  Tips and How To’s,  Top Recommended Resources,  Travel,  Zero Waste