My 111 Possessions for Living Simply and Sustainably

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I’ve lived with just 111 possessions, all of which fit into a backpacking backpack. I’ve also lived with just 44 possessions which fit into a daypack. And I’ve biked across the United States three times with all of my gear on my bicycle.

Right now I own about 600 possessions which fit comfortably into a shelter that I temporarily call home.

I’ve been simplifying and downsizing my life for over a decade and lived in multiple tiny houses and structures. In this video, I share what I would own if I designed my possessions to fit into just a backpack and onto my bicycle with a bicycle rack and bicycle bags. The purpose of these ~111 possessions is to meet my basic needs to live simply and sustainably, deeply connected to Earth and our communities.

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The following video was filmed at the same time and shows my ~600 possessions and shares my balance of living with few possessions, yet having what I need to live simply and sustainably. About 300 of my 600 possessions are jars for food storage and I discuss the balance of having what I need to grow and forage most of my food and live independently of the global, industrial food system.


Millions of people desire to downsize their life and simplify their possessions but often feel lost on how to get started. In this video, I share my journey from a collector to a minimalist and my tips on how you can free yourself from your possessions to live a happier, healthier and simpler life!

Filmed at Wild Abundance

Video by Dear Friend Kerem Gencer

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