How to Get Out of Your Routine and Follow Your Dream

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So many of us are just stuck. Stuck in our way of life, just barely making it month to month on the bills and debt. But most of us have a dream. And that dream is attainable for all of us. This is my advice on how to get out of your routine and follow your dream.

Shed the unnecessary things that are tying you down. Cancel your frivolous bills. Really think about whether your “necessaries ” are actually so needed. Get rid of possessions that are cluttering your life (see 10 things you should get rid of today). I highly encourage getting rid of your TV and living a life that doesn’t require a car (see selling my car… bought my freedom).

Live simple and you will live free. For me personally I’ve been able to follow my dream by simplifying my life. One of my biggest dreams and realities is to live a life abundant in happiness, health, and freedom. By stripping down to only what I need I’ve removed all of the time consumers and bills that kept me from being able to live out my dream.

Give up social norms. What’s holding you back may be that you’re trying to keep up with the Jones’s. Be happy with who you are and what you have. Don’t compare yourself to others. This should free up time and energy to pursue your dream.

Dedicate yourself. It might not be easy to get out of your routine. It may be deeply intertwined into your life through bills, relationships, possessions, and a job. If you really want to get out of your routine and follow your dream, then it’s going to take determination and dedication. It’s going to be a transition that takes some time. You’re going to have to stick to it.

Be knowledgeable. Don’t just assume there is no other way than what you are currently doing. Do your research to find alternatives to your routine. If you want to live a life that revolves around less money then I encourage you to read Mark Boyle’s books, The Moneyless man and The Moneyless Manifesto.

Focus on health and happiness. Both of these things are free and readily available to us all. Exercise, meditation, yoga, the outdoors, these are just a few things that cost nothing and that can greatly increase your health and happiness. Adopt a healthy diet to move yourself away from foods that cause health problems that can hold you back from following your dreams (see my healthy eating guide). By becoming healthier and happier you’ll feel more empowered to chase down your dream even further.

Reassess your dream. Is your dream a ridiculous dream that only serves yourself and not the rest of humankind or the other species that we share the earth with? Does your dream follow societal norms and values that don’t adhere in your heart? Really question whether your dream is actually what you want and decide if it’s best for you and the earth. I encourage you to follow a dream that makes the world a better place and live in the service of others. The good news is that if your dream isn’t about having expensive possessions or making a lot of money, but rather to help others, then you’ll likely find that many people will want to be a part of your dream. Start volunteering and giving back to others and see how that affects your dream.

Only you are in control of your life. Only you can decide to get out of the routine and follow your dream. Abolish your preconceived notions and open up your eyes fully to the utterly magical world that we live on. Your dream is possible and you are likely the only one stopping yourself. Star today, take it one step at a time and make your dream a reality.

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