How to Grow Food – Video Series for New Gardeners

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The Grow Your Own Food Video Series for New Gardeners shows you exactly how to grow your own food – from planning the garden, to planting the seeds, to tending the garden, to harvesting the food!

We have designed this information to be accessible for all no matter your gardening experience or the space you have available.

We teach and demonstrate using the exact seeds that we provide in the Grow Your Own Food Seed Pack. Plant your seeds right along with us and use this guide and video series as a reference for your gardening journey. Whether or not you receive your seeds from us, this video series can be used to grow food.

Our Step-by-Step Growing Guide accompanies this video series.

Once you have found success in growing your own food, use our Seed Saving Guide to produce your own seeds for next season. And while you’re in the garden, learn how to forage the “weeds” from your garden and yard with our Foraging Guide.

The series is taught by Robin Greenfield and Elise Pickett from The Urban Harvest. Find Elise on YouTube and Instagram.

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1. Introduction


2. What’s in the Pack?

We show you exactly what is in the Grow Your Own Food Seed Pack!


3. Garden Tour

Robin gives a tour of the Demonstration Garden and shares some of his top tips and challenges that he’s had in the garden.


4. Make a Garden Plan

Robin and Elise share the details of how to plan your garden, sunlight, soil, startup costs, drawing out your garden plan and a discussion of growing in raised beds, pots and in the ground.


5. Planting the Seeds

Robin and Elise share how to plant your seeds and care for your young, developing plants in the garden. You’ll learn about seed spacing, planting depth, germination time, knowing when to plant and more.


6. Transplanting into the Garden

Robin and Elise share how to plant your seeds into pots and trays to later transplant into the garden and how to care for your young, developing plants. You’ll learn about plant spacing, length of time before transplanting into the garden, knowing when to plant and more.


7. Getting to Know the Young Plants

Robin introduces you to the young plants to help you to get to know the plants and identify them.


8. Garden Maintenance Basics

Robin and Elise share how to maintain the garden including watering, thinning the plants, fertilizer and soil nutrition and insect management.


9. Pruning and Harvesting How-To

Robin and Elise share how to prune the plants in your garden and how to harvest them. You’ll learn how to prune and harvest the different plants to promote abundance and longevity, how to know when to harvest (days to maturity) as well as weeding.


10. Eating the Garden Bounty

Robin and Elise share a meal from the garden and share their simple recommendations for how to enjoy the bounty from your garden, including how to make salads and cooked dishes, how to ferment your abundance and how to make herbal teas and dehydrate your herbs to preserve them.


11. Seed Saving Guide

Robin and Elise share how to turn your seed pack into the pack that keeps on giving by saving seeds! You’ll learn how to let plants in your garden “go to seed”, how to store them and which plants are the easiest and most difficult to save seeds from. Use our Seed Saving Guide along with this video.

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