Robin Greenfield on How To Simplify Your Life! (Video)

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Millions of people today have a strong desire to downsize and simplify their life and get rid of possessions. But often they express to me that they feel lost and just don’t know where to get started. Today I have drastically simplified my life but it has taken me nearly a decade of work to get to this point. I can still relate strongly to the challenge of breaking free from holding onto material possessions. And I know that for most of us, it’s the first few steps that are the most challenging.

In this video and accompanying guide I share how to downsize your life, specifically for those that are just beginning their journey or who have already begun, but are feeling stuck. You could say it is written for people who live “normal lives” in large houses to small apartments, but can easily be applied to minimalists, tiny house dwellers and van-lifers wanting to take it a step further. To go further see Robin Greenfield’s Guide to Downsizing/

Special thanks to Sans Market for hosting this talk and to Video Shampoo for filming it.

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