Is Robin Greenfield Real?

Robin Greenfield sitting on a chair in front of his tiny house in Orlando, Florida.
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Is Robin Greenfield real?

I was surprised to learn that this is one of the top searches for me on google right now. My first thought is that people were wondering if I’m a real human being or not.
The answer to that is a very, very easy yes.

Last night a friend told me that what people are wondering is whether what I do is real or staged. That was an interesting perspective to hear and provided me with an opportunity to self reflect. I’d like to share a little bit for anyone wondering.

If I had to summarize my purpose down to just one word, I would choose truth.
I am a truth seeker. I am a seeker of justice. I stand against corruption, injustice and lies…

When I first woke up to the problems of the times we are in, I saw how we as a humanity have come to live in a state of delusion. The agendas of corporations, politicians and the wealthiest 1% have clouded out the truth in so many areas of our existence. All this gain for the powerful is at the expense of the majority of humanity. It is at the expense of our plant and animal relatives. It is at the expense of Earth, our one and only home.

I have taken guidance from spiritual leaders for the last decade and there is one central theme to each of their lives and their messages… Truth.

I have chosen to follow Mahatma Gandhi’s philosophy of letting my life be my message. My purpose is to BE truth. To be truth in all that I do.

I have not succeeded at all times. I am a human who is part of this state of delusion that we are all part of. I fight peacefully every day to live in a deep state of truth, but I take steps backwards as I move forwards. I have my weak moments. I make exceptions to make my way through the web of injustice, inequity and destruction.

I’m not about to write a whole book to answer this question. I only have 2,200 characters on Instagram…

But I want to share that I come from a place of integrity. I choose my words and actions very carefully to be truthful, transparent and integral. I question and reflect on everything that I do. I listen to feedback and change my work as I learn how to do better.
I use the platforms of social media, tv and media to share my life, my message. It is often shared falsely (whether on purpose or due to sloppy work) by media. I am often used out of context. So no, not everything you hear about me is true.
I do use attention grabbing tactics to shake up and wake up our sleep society. Some consider me a performance activist. My “performance” is me living life and I always share about each “performance” in transparent depth where attention spans are open to it. I use my skills as an entertainer and storyteller to reach millions of people. And for this I know many people assume it’s all fake. There are so many fake people out there and I understand I may get grouped in with them when I am seen only at a glance. And again, I don’t live in perfect truth….

Perhaps our society is so far out of balance that it is hard for many to even see real truth when it is in front of them… But if you were able to get inside my mind, I’m confident you would see that truth is central to everything I do. Every campaign I have done in the last decade has come from a deep state of truth. I am 100% committed to this and committed to entering into a deeper state of truth with each decade that I am here in service to Earth, humanity and our plant and animal relatives.

So yes, I am real.


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