Creative Commons: My Work is for the Greater Good of All

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I have dedicated my work to the public domain. My creations are Copyright free and free to copy, redistribute, and adapt under a Creative Commons Attribution 1.0 Universal License.

This means you are free to:

This applies to all content on as well as my social media channels (YouTubeFacebookInstagram) including my photos, videos, and writing unless otherwise stated on the content. Note: This site contains content produced by media outlets that is under their ownership. Refer to their platforms to follow their rights and usage.

My life and my work are for the greater good of all. I have vowed to donate 100% of my media earnings to grassroots organizations in service to Earth, humanity and our plant and animal relatives. I’ve also vowed to earn below the federal poverty threshold annually, maintain a minimal net worth and practice deep financial transparency. Read about my vows here.

Learn more about Creative Commons through these short videos and by visiting their website.

Originally published March 16th, 2016. Last Updated March 11th, 2024.

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