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If you are interested in being a part of the solution to food waste then this is the place for you. I’ve been passionately working to bring attention to food waste and hunger since 2013 and over the last 3.5 years have created a lot of videos, blogs and guides to help people get involved in this cause. In this resource guide I’ve brought it all together in one place to give you a plethora of ideas, inspiration, and information to be a part of the solution to food waste. Whether it’s starting your own food rescue program, helping with existing programs or you just want to dumpster dive for food, I’ve got you covered here.
To start, here’s a playlist of food waste and dumpster diving videos:

Top Resources

My TEDx Talk: How to End the Food Waste Fiasco

Solutions to the Food Waste Fiasco – Here, I lay out what grocery stores can do to stop wasting food in order of what is resulting in the greatest amount of food waste, down to the least.

The Food Waste Fiasco: You Have to See it to Believe it – My story of riding across the USA, exposing food waste dumpster by dumpster.

Tristram Stuart – His Ted talk, The Global Food Waste Scandal, for starters, and then his book to be fully informed. If you read this book you’ll understand food waste more than most people on Earth.

Just Eat It – An excellent full-length documentary about food waste. Watching this will really educate you on food waste.

Jonathan Bloom – His website is an excellent guide for all things food waste and his book, US American Wasteland, is incredibly in depth on food.

How to Host a Food Waste Fiasco – a step by step guide on how to host a Food Waste Fiasco

Dumpster Diving

My Guide to Dumpster Diving– My very thorough guide to dumpster diving includes information on how to dumpster dive, legalities, safety, where and when to go, why food is in the dumpster in the first place and so, so much more.

10 Tips for Dumpster Diving Success– People often have told me they’ve tried dumpster diving without success so I wrote this blog to make things even easier.
How I went from a Normal Dude to Dumpster Diving Across the USA – My story of becoming a dumpster diver.
Arrested for Dumpster Diving for Food? I’ve Got You Covered.
The Dumpster Divers Defense Fund
Dumpster Diving San Diego – This has a list of all the food rescue organizations and food waste activism groups in San Diego that you can get involved with, a dumpster diving database with over 150 dumpsters listed, and a Facebook group for dumpster diving and food waste activism in San Diego.

Dumpster Diving in Los Angeles

This Woman is Dumpster Diving her Way Through Her PHD
This Couple Went 6 Months Eating Only Wasted Food!

Food Rescue Programs and Food Waste Activism

Stop the Waste. Ask Grocery Stores to #DonateNotDump– This is my campaign to end food waste. For anyone who wants to work to get grocery stores to donate their excess food to nonprofits, this is a key source.

How to Start a Food Rescue Program– A guide on how to start a food rescue program.
Food Rescue Programs– Videos to introduce you to 20 food rescue programs from around the USA.
How to End Food Waste at Your School– A guide for how to get started ending food waste at your school.
How to Create an Environmental Activism Campaign– This guide was not written particularly for food waste but it shows how to start your own activism campaign and can be applied very well to food waste activism. Also see Sample Press Releases for Activism Campaigns.

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