I Wore All My Trash for 30 Days | Robin Greenfield | TEDxUCLA

Robin Greenfield giving a talk while wearing all the trash he created in a month.
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For one month Robin Greenfield lived just like the average person. Eating, shopping, consuming just like so many of us are used to. But with one big exception….
He had no garbage can! Instead, he had to wear every single piece of trash he created.

For most of us our trash is out of sight, out of mind. We simply throw it in the garbage can and never think about it again. Robin embarked on this month long immersion in consumerism to take you on a journey, where you get to ask the questions…
“Is that what I would look like if I held onto my trash?” and “Where does my trash actually go?”

This immersive experience took place in Los Angeles, California April 20th – May 20th 2022 and was met with curiosity and intrigue. Robin’s powerful visual showing the truth behind our consumerism served as a wakeup call for millions. His activism catalyzed critical thinking and self reflection with every step he took on the streets of L.A. For many, the “out of sight, out of mind” mentality is no longer an option. A new path of regeneration, equity and justice is being followed.

After one month immersed in the consumer lifestyle in Los Angeles Robin took to the TEDx stage at UCLA. In this TEDx he shares his experience with the campaign and some key takeaways for you. He talks about what kept him going too. One of those things was the trash hugs he shared on the street and his Dear Friend Chantal joined him on stage to share one of those hugs!

Together we can take the power back from consumerism and bring that power back into our own hands and into our communities!

See the campaign here.

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