Robin Greenfield laying amidst neatly arranged fruits and food, while holding jars in both hands.

Food Freedom – A Year of Growing and Foraging 100 Percent of My Food

Ten years ago, Robin Greenfield woke up to the destruction caused by the industrial food system and Big Ag. Since then he has been deeply exploring food sovereignty—often through immersive activism—which led to his most recent quest: could he step outside of the food system and grow and forage 100% of his food?

In Food Freedom, he shares his adventures of living without grocery stores or restaurants. Nothing packaged, processed, or shipped—not even multi-vitamins, supplements, or spices. Within Orlando, Florida, he turned lawns into abundant gardens, grew over 100 species of food, and foraged over 200. Follow Robin on an emotional journey as he explores:

  • Growing and foraging to gain an appreciation for local food

  • The industrial food system that likely brought you today’s meal

  • How communities are taking back control of their food and creating food sovereignty

  • Solutions for how you can grow your own and forage to gain food freedom

Food Freedom includes an Empowerment Manual to help you and your community gain Food Freedom.

The good food revolution is not a lonely path. Millions have embarked on the journey and are waiting for you to join them. Question your food. Get uncomfortable. Be empowered to change the narrative!

100% of Robin’s proceeds from this book are donated to Indigenous and Black led grassroots organizations working to create regenerative, equitable and just food systems.

Food Freedom releases early 2024!

Pre-order Food Freedom here!

Food Freedom is a love offering. No monetary donation is required to receive a copy of Food Freedom. We are confident some of you will offer your love in a monetary manner that provides the funding to help us provide this book as a pure love gift to others who do not have the financial freedom to make a monetary love offering. Most importantly we would love for you to share from your heart what you feel joyful to share. See the order form for suggested donation information.

Where do your donations go?
Food Freedom will be provided for free, within our means, to libraries, schools, grassroots organizations, etc. who request free copies.
Food Freedom is free to all Indigenous folks on Turtle Island and globally and all Black folks globally (love offerings are gratefully accepted by anyone who would like to contribute.)
Your donations will cover the costs of providing books for free including the cost of the book, admin and logistics and promoting the book. 100% of the proceeds beyond these costs will be donated to grassroots organizations — primarily Indigenous and Black, women-led — working to create regenerative, equitable and just food systems.

Upon publishing, we will publish financial transparency on this site.

Some of the organizations we will support include: Indigenous Seedkeepers Network, North American Traditional Indigenous Food Systems (NĀTIFS), Rootwork Herbals, Winona’s Hemp Farm, Honor the Earth, Linda Black Elk’s food sovereignty initiatives, Indigenous Environmental Network, Soul Fire Farm, Intersectional Environmentalist, Navdanya, Tiyospaye Winyan Maka, Rising Hearts, Edible Schoolyard Project and Ron Finley Project.

Robin has committed for life to donating 100% of his earnings from media (including books) to grassroots initiatives and to earning no more than the federal poverty threshold per year. Learn more about Robin’s vows.

We are a very small team here at Regeneration, Equity and Justice in service to Earth, humanity and our plant and animal relatives. We are not for profit and 100% of your donation is used to create regenerative, equitable and just food systems. We don’t sell books. We contribute to food liberation for our fellow humanity and your support through this donation helps us to do just that!

Would you like to help us distribute Food Freedom? If so, read on!

Our mission is to make this book accessible to all who would benefit from it. To accomplish this, we are providing Food Freedom in a unique, grassroots way. We need support to do this. Here are ways that we are seeking support.

We are creating a volunteer distribution program. We will provide a shipment of books to volunteers directly from the printer. We will then provide a spreadsheet of orders to be processed including packaging and shipping the books via USPS. Books will be shipped either weekly or every other week to keep the workload minimal for volunteers.

We are creating a local ambassador program within the United States. We will provide books in bulk to selected local ambassadors who want to spread food sovereignty through this book. The mission will be to share the book passionately to schools, libraries, politicians, influential people and everyday people.

We are creating a plan to offer Food Freedom internationally by mailing bulk books to local grassroots organizers who can distribute within their country. This will drastically reduce the cost and environmental impact of shipping.

If you are interested in any of these opportunities, please fill out this form.