Food Freedom: Foraging 100% of My Food for a Month!

Robin Greenfield sitting barefoot amidst dry plants, tossing a handful up.
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It’s the dream of millions. To “live off the land” and never have to take a trip to the grocery store. And through the pandemic more and more US Americans have experienced the instability of our food system and desire to break free.
But is it possible to break free? Robin Greenfield is here to show that it is.

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In 2019 Robin grew and foraged 100% of his food for a year. No grocery stores, no restaurants, not even a drink at a bar. Nothing packaged and processed, nothing shipped long distances, not even multi-vitamins or supplements. Nature was his garden, his pantry and his pharmacy. But this was in the warm climate of Florida.

For fall of 2022 Robin is traveling across the Midwest and Northeast on a month long journey of eating 100% food he forages from the land. From the wild to city parks and abandoned lots, you’ll find Robin all across the region finding his breakfast, lunch and dinner. But he’s not just out for his next meal. He’s out to show millions that food is growing freely and abundantly all around us. This food is highly nutritious, absolutely delicious, sustainable and safe to harvest and free!

Traveling from Wisconsin to New York City and Washington DC leading public foraging walks, he is here to encourage us to learn the plants that we share this Earth with, how to eat them and work with them as medicine, and in doing so gain an appreciation and desire to protect them. Robin loves to eat from the land, but even more, he loves to help others to reconnect with Earth and become stewards of the land we live on.

The global, industrial food system is broken. In this system food is no longer a human right and life giving substance but rather a commodity leaving a wake of destruction on every corner of the earth. Our food is shipped on average 1,500 miles from farm to fork, guzzling fossil fuels. It is covered in pesticides that pollute our bodies and the land and water it is sprayed on. It is trashing the planet, leaving behind mountains of plastic garbage. Species are going extinct at a rate of tens of thousands per year. Nearly half of the food being produced is going to waste, much of it ending up in landfills. All this while approximately one in seven US Americans are food insecure and nearly one billion people around the world suffer from severe food insecurity. In summary, our food system is consuming Earth, humanity and our fellow species with every bite we take.
Another way is possible… Robin is here to share that we can take back power from Big Ag and gain Food Freedom for ourselves and our communities while living in harmony with Earth.
He believes that true solutions live in community and diversity and that is what he is out to foster as we reconnect with Earth.

Join Robin in Person for a Foraging Walk

August 30th – Ashland, Wisconsin
September 8th – La Crosse, Wisconsin
September 9th-11th – Prairie Du Chien, Wisconsin Midwest Wild Harvest Festival
September 12th – Spring Green, Wisconsin The Morrill Lecture Series
September 15th – Madison, Wisconsin
September 18th – Milwaukee, Wisconsin
September 20th – Chicago, Illinois
September 21st – Cincinnati, Ohio
September 24th Denison, University
September 28th – Boston, Massachusetts
September 30th – Providence, Rhode Island
October 2nd Yale University, Connecticut
October 2nd – New Haven, Connecticut
October 4th – New York City, New York
October 6th – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 
October 9th – Washington, D.C. 

While living on this bounty from the land, Robin is traveling across the US sharing knowledge and inspiration with YOU to help you deepen your relationship with our plant relatives and reconnect with Earth. Join Robin for this Foraging for Beginner’s Plant Walk and learn how to safely and sustainably forage the common edible and medicinal plants growing freely and abundantly around you!!

Robin will introduce you to:
– Ten or more common edible and medicinal plants growing in your area
– How to safely forage
– How to harvest sustainably and be an ally to the plants
– Simple strategies for successful foraging and plant identification.

All are welcome, regardless of experience and the events are free!

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