San Diego Dumpster Diving and Food Waste Activism Resource Guide

Robin Greenfield sitting amidst neatly arranged food.
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Want to start dumpster diving in San Diego? I’m here to help!
Want to fight hunger and food waste in San Diego? I’m here to help with that too!

Let this page serve as your resource guide for dumpster diving and food rescue in San Diego. Dumpster tours, opportunities to get involved with non-profits, a list of all the dumpsters I’ve dived at, and much more can be found here.


Dumpster Diving Tours

Starting January 21st I will be leading Wednesday night dumpster diving tours in San Diego. Join me if you want to see the Food Waste Fiasco first hand, learn about food waste and hunger, learn how to dumpster dive, eat for free, or to collect food to give to people in need. You can jump right in and rescue the food or you are welcome to just watch. Either way prepare to be blown away by what’s being thrown away. Any food that we/ you don’t keep for yourself will be donated to Food Not Bombs to be distributed to people in need. We will meet at 9:00 PM on Wednesday nights unless otherwise planned and we will drive to a dozen or so dumpsters together. Join the Facebook group stay up to date with the tours.


Join the Dumpster Diving San Diego Facebook group

I’ve started the Dumpster Diving San Diego Facebook group which I encourage you to join so that you can share locations, share experiences, meet fellow activists, get involved with food rescue programs, and make plans to dumpster dive together!


Fear of Dumpster Diving?

It is highly unlikely that you will ever get in trouble for dumpster diving. I’ve been into over 1,000 dumpsters across the United States and have never been into any trouble. Sure I’ve been asked to leave and even had visits from the police but with a smile and a courteous attitude it has never resulted in any trouble for me. If you get arrested for dumpster diving for food or get fined I’ll cover the costs and bring media attention to the issue. Dumpster dive worry free knowing that I’ve got your back in a time of need! All the details are at: Arrested for Dumpster Diving? I’ve Got You Covered. Now all you’ve got to do is overcome social stigmas (which I used to have but overcame a long time ago when I realized how rad and fun dumpster diving is). Diving with others will help with that too

Or you can stay out of the dumpsters completely and volunteer with non-profits to keep the food out of the dumpsters in the first place!


Food Rescue Organizations

I love dumpster diving. Its probably one of my favorite things to do but one day I hope for all the dumpsters to be void of food for me to find. I want to stop food from ever being put into dumpsters and get the food put into peoples bellies instead. In this way my purpose is to reduce food waste and hunger at the same time, a win-win for people and the planet. Dumpster diving is a way to introduce people to the food waste issue and inspire them to get involved in the solutions. Food Rescue programs are a part of the solution and work directly with grocery stores to donate the food to people in need and keep it out of the dumpsters in the first place.

All of these non-profits programs below are working to end food waste and hunger and I highly encourage you to support them in any way you can! It’s also important to mention that it is a no brainer for grocery stores to work with a food rescue program. They are protected from lawsuits by the Good Samaritan Food Act, they get tax write offs, they spend less on dumpster fees, and most importantly they are doing what is right for their community when they donate their excess food! The most common excuse for not donating is that they fear liability but they are protected and according to a University of Arkansas study not a single lawsuit has ever been made against a grocery store that has donated food to a food rescue program.

Feeding America San Diego is a powerhouse in. They rescue over one million pound of food from grocery stores in San Diego alone. They work with about 160 grocery stores in San Diego to pick up their excess food so that it doesn’t end up in the dumpster. They work with 200partner organizations, including food pantries, churches and schools to get this food to people who can use a helping hand. This is whole idea behind my dumpster diving, to get programs like this more support and to get more grocery stores to donate their food to them rather than throw it away. San Diego has about 450 grocery stores which means only 1/3 are working with Feeding America. Let’s get the other 300 to work with Feeding America San Diego! Contact Kelly Kratzer at to get involved!

Donate Don’t Dump in North County was started by Gabrielle Posard when she was 13 years old. Five years later they have made huge headway and have rescued 800,000 pounds of food from grocery stores and have given out over 650,000 meals from this food. They work closely with North County Food Bank which incredibly serves 100% food rescued from grocery stores. I would love to see someone start a Donate Don’t Dump chapter in San Diego! North County Food Bank is looking for volunteers to help pick up food with the truck drivers in the mornings.

Food Not Bombs is the most radical group working against food waste and actually goes dumpster diving for food. They are an all-volunteer global movement that shares free plant-based meals as a protest to war and poverty. Each chapter collects surplus food that would otherwise go to waste, then prepares community meals which are served for free to anyone who is hungry. They go out diving on Wednesday and Saturday nights and can use help dumpster diving. Or you can help serve or prepare food with them on Thursdays and Sundays!

CropSwap started with one woman, one box, and one car and has now expanded to 40 volunteers and 20 grower/donors, who have harvested over 17,000 pounds of citrus (oranges, grapefruit, tangelos and lemons) and become the most active gleaning group in North San Diego county. Imagine spending your Saturday afternoon picking oranges under the sun and then donating them to people who don’t often get fresh produce!

Harvesting San Diego connects local fruit tree owners to a local food pantry at the International Rescue Committee. Their volunteers glean excess fruit from private trees to provide fresh, healthy food to families who rely on a food bank that can usually only offer processed, canned foods. Harvesting San Diego offers growers and volunteers the opportunity to directly engage with the local community and make a tangible, immediate impact on those who need fresh, healthy food the most.

Harvest Crops Feeds limited-income families and seniors with fresh residential fruit seasonally by picking fruit from trees that are not being harvested. If you have a tree with extra fruit on it you can call them and they’ll harvest it and give the fresh fruit to people in need! You can also volunteer with them to harvest food from trees!

The Backyard Produce Project is an an all-volunteer project in North County San Diego that harvest fresh food that would otherwise go unharvested. They do this by setting up donation sites where residents can drop off backyard produce and sending out a tree picking team for residents that are unable to pick their trees. They also operate an organic orchard and gardens to grow produce for the project!

Harvest OB  This group is a way to share extra fruits and veggies from your garden with neighbors in Ocean Beach!

Falling Fruit is not actually located in San Diego but they have created a global map where you can add the location of free food. This includes unharvested produce, wild food, and dumpsters full of food. Check it out!

Start your own Food Rescue program Boulder Food Rescue has made a guidebook that walks you through the steps of starting a bike-powered food rescue. That’s right, a food rescue program powered by bicycles. You can also start a rescue program in your campus kitchen with Food Recovery Network. Both of these programs are happy to help and so am I!


Why am I doing this?

We produce enough food in the United States to feed twice our population yet 1 in 7 US Americans are food insecure. Here in San Diego it is no different and according to Feeding America 1 in 4 children in San Diego are food insecure. Our grocery store dumpsters are full of perfectly good food while children are going hungry! I’m not cool with this and I dumpster dive to bring food attention to food waste and put pressure (typically gentle) on grocery stores to donate their extra food rather than throw it away, #DonateNotDump. My hopes is that people who start dumpster diving in San Diego will not only feed themselves and others for free but more importantly help to raise awareness about food waste. I’d like to put ourselves out of dumpster diving business in San Diego by getting all of the grocery stores to donate their extra food. We win when the dumpsters are empty! Read more about this at The Food Waste Fiasco if you’d like to.


Projects I need help with

I am looking for someone who works at a grocery store in San Diego and who’s job it is to throw food in the dumpster. I want to collaborate on creating a short film to expose food waste in an undercover story that documents the struggle of having to throw away good food everyday.

I am looking for someone who would like to contact the grocery stores in San Diego that are not currently donating to encourage them to work with existing food rescue programs (Feeding America and Donate Don’t Dump). You will be given all the information you need as well as a telephone script.


Dumpster Diving Database

This is a list of all of the dumpsters I’ve dove into here in San Diego. You are encouraged and welcome to use this list to rescue food and put it into your belly, your friends bellies, or people who could use a helping hand. You an also use it for composting or feeding to animals! This is will be continuously updated as the team and I explore more dumpsters. If you have locations or notes to add to this list please send them to me at Help me create a comprehensive list of all the dumpsters in San Diego! All of these dumpsters will also be entered into the dumpster map at Falling Fruit soon.

IMPORTANT. Always be courteous and respectful at the dumpsters and leave the place better than you found it. Please don’t give the stores any reason to lock the dumpsters.

For a deeper look into food waste, detailed information on the problem and solutions, how to get involved, food rescue programs, dumpster diving, and more go to Robin’s Food Waste Activism and Dumpster Diving Resource Guide.


Clairemont/ Bay Ho/ Bay Park

Vons 47215 Clairemont Dr

In gated area. Would be serious trespassing to get in there.

Big Lots 4829 Clairemont Dr

Dumpster is shared with restaurants in the plaza which is not typical. I’ve been a few times and one time it was loaded with loaves of bread and cookies and such. Mostly junk food but what else would you expect at Big Lots? Some of the bread was decent quality whole wheat though.

CVS 4829 Clairemont Dr

Dumpster is unlocked and easy to access but I didn’t find anything good in there

Smart & Final 5195 Clairemont Mesa Drive

In gated area, seriously locked up.

Food 4 Less 4995 Shawline St

Open and easy to access. Been a couple times and it’s always been very slim pickings of some packaged foods. Could be a huge score at time though.

Walmart 4840 Shawline Street

Saw a trash compactor but the back was very busy. It didn’t appear to be a place for diving

Sprouts 4439 Genesee Ave

Trash compactor

Balboa International Market 5907 Balboa Ave

The dumpsters here are really nasty. I would avoid them completely.

Vons 5555 Balboa Ave

In the back loading area I found 5 huge bags of day old bread set out on the pallets. This was about 50-70 pounds of bread. The dumpsters are inside a locked concrete area that can easily be jumped. I’ve been in a few times and a couple times had decent scores and other times at least found a little food. Worth a look but it’s never been a huge score.

Boudin SF 5407 Balboa Avenue

I have not been here but I’ve been to the one in Encinitas which had 2 huge bags of quality bread in perfect condition so I recommend checking this.

CVS 5685 Balboa Ave

Dumpster is out back and very easy to access. Have had success here. Personal hygiene items such as tampons, epsom salt, finger nail clippers, and dental floss all in brand new condition. Some packaged food as well.

Albertsons 5950 Balboa Ave

The dumpsters are inaccessible. One Thursday morning they had compost bins out in the truck loading area and there was quite a bit of good bread in it. I assume they are only out when they are coming to be picked up. I went on a Saturday night and found nothing.

Target 5680 Balboa Ave

Trash compactor

Panera Bread 5620 Balboa Ave

The dumpster is easily accessible in the parking lot in very plain view. It is combined with a restaurant (Nature Foods) so it was kind of messy. I found some bread but not much. Could be good at times though.

Walgreens 5504 Balboa Ave

locked and fenced. No way you’re getting in here

Rite Aid 5270 Balboa Ave

Locked and a security guard

North Park Produce 4220 Balboa Ave

Dumpster is in back, never locked, and very easy to access. It is always full of fruits and vegetables but it can be very sloppy at times and mixed with meat. Have gotten tons of apples, oranges, mangos, and so much more. One time I found 90 dozen eggs. It was 6 unopened cases of 15 cartons of a dozen eggs.

Keils 3015 Clairemont Dr.

Dumpster is locked but easy to access. No way to get in there but I could peak inside and see that it was full of good food.

Rite Aid 3081 Clairemont Dr.

I don’t remember if this was locked or not but I think it was not locked. I’ve only been once


University City (between I-5 and I-805 and north of highway 52)

Excellent diving to be had here. Friday is never good. Tuesday has been great. Wednesday is sometimes great sometimes not much

Sprouts 3358 Governor Dr

This place is the absolute jackpot. They have three open top dumpster in a pretty private back area. During the day their back door is often open so it’s a bit harder to dive here and I’ve been asked to leave a few times. Night time is your best bet. I’ve filled up an entire trunk load here before tons of fresh fruits and vegetables and even dried goods like nuts and oatmeal. I’ve got dented cans of coconut milk, bottles of Komucha, and thousands of tortillas too. This is healthy dumpster diving heaven. Almost always more food than you can handle.

CVS 8915 Town Centre Dr

The dumpster is around back in a quiet area, easy to access. It is locked but if you are slim you can squeeze in through the top and it could be well worth it. It’s been full of large amounts of packaged food like cookies, crackers, bottled water, drinks, and non food items like unopened memory foam pillows and boxes of kleenex, toilet paper, cat food, etc. I have been about 5 times now and it’s always good. Once I pulled $400 worth of candy out. Last time the security guard came and he was so friendly and talked to use for about 20 minutes. His name is Steve. Be kind and tell him you are rescuing the stuff to help others and he’ll be cool.

Vons 7788 Regents Rd

I can’t find the dumpster here

Vons 3993 Governor Dr

Dumpster easy to access. There was a lock on it but it was not locked. Maybe because it had just been emptied or maybe its never locked

Rite Aid 4077 Governor Dr

Dumpsters are easy to access right behind store but have been locked every time I’ve gone. I asked an employee who was out there breaking down boxes once and he said that they don’t donate anything, it’s all thrown away.

Bristol Farms 8510 Genesee

This can be a huge score. We’ve gotten tons of really healthy food and supplements out of the dumpster. Tea tree oil, bars of soap, toothpaste, Emu oil, a lot of really good stuff. Sometime there are compost bins out too that are often loaded with good fruits and veggies. Been over a handful of times and only score about 25% of the time maybe.


La Jolla

This is a really great place for diving!

CVS 5495 La Jolla Blvd

Have not been here yet.

CVS 7525 Eads Ave

Stopped by one time while I was riding past on my bike during mid day. Dumpster is easy to access and unlocked. Found a ton of loaves of bread. This could be a really good spot.

Vons 7544 Girard Avenue

Locked in a steel cage. No getting in there

CVS 8831 Villa La Jolla Dr

Very easy to access but sometimes it is locked. I’ve got many loaves of bread, a twelve pack of beer, bottles of whisky, and lots of packaged food. Almost always is a good score when you can get in.

Ralphs 8657 Villa La Jolla Drive

The dumpsters are in a gated in area that is often wide open. Their dumpster have been full of food before so it’s worth a check. Have been a half dozen times or so and there’s often a few big boxes worth of food in there from cakes to meat to bread to fruits.

Trader Joes 8657 Villa La Jolla Dr

Trader Joe’s shares a compactor with many of the other places in the mall. The compactor is not locked so you can get in easily however it can be really full and hard to access stuff. When it is less full we’ve been able to pull tons of good really good food and bouquets of flowers. Almost always worth a dive. The food will be in clear garbage bags. Always worth a dive.

Pet Smart 8657 Villa La Jolla Drive

They share a trash compactor with others I think. The compactor was not locked and this was the first one I’ve ever been in. Surprisingly the compactor is easy to navigate in and most of the stuff wasn’t very smashed. This compactor was loaded with over 100 pounds worth of dog food plus things like dog bowls, dog bones, toys, etc. A great score for pet owners. Have been back a handful of times and there’s often a huge supply of dog food.

Whole Foods 8825 Villa La Jolla Drive

They have a compactor that you can’t access but there are also some dumpsters some of which are for recycling and others for trash. Found 2 jars of half used coconut oil in one one time and have only been twice. Also have found dozens of loaves of good bread.


Point Loma/ Ocean Beach

This area has a lot of locked dumpsters. I would guess this is because their is a large population of people living on the streets. You could hit all of the unlocked stores in about 2 hours and probably do pretty well though. 

Fresh & Easy 955 Catalina Blvd

Always a little food but not much. Hop the wall and the dumpster is unlocked. Worth a stop always

Ralphs 1666 Locust St

Easy access dumpsters in a gated area but in a very visible area in the parking lot. I’ve been a handful of times but never really found anything good.

Trader Joes 2401 Truxton Rd

Dumpsters in an a gated area that is connected to the store. The gated area is not locked so you can get in but its definitely store property and they might not want you in there. The dumpsters are not locked and have had some good bounties of food. 

Vons 2495 Truxton Rd

Locked gate and locked dumpsters. When I was there a year ago neither the gate or dumpster was locked but we also never found much food there. 

Panera 2445 Truxton Rd

Shares a dumpster with a a bunch of other stores in Liberty Station. Never found any Panera Bread in the dumpster here. 

Sprouts 3315 Rosecrans St

The dumpsters are in an locked fenced in area that is connected to the building. You’d have to climb the fence and go there late at night when nobody is working. I wouldn’t recommend this place.

CVS 3327 Rosecrans St

Locked but could see inside and there was nothing. Maybe able to squeeze in there.

Einstein Bagels 3305 Rosecrans St

Easy to access dumpster, found a huge bag of fresh bagels, probably about 100 bagels. They were in a sealed and clean trash bag. They likely get out a fresh garbage bag, fill it with all the unsold bagels from the day and toss it out every night. This was a Wednesday around 10 PM

Walgreens 3005 Midway Dr

There is a trash compactor locked behind a fence. No getting in here

Smart & Final 2804 Midway Dr

In a completely enclosed locked fence. No getting to this

Petco 3495 Sports Arena Blvd

Locked tight but have only been once

Ralphs 3345 Sports Arena Blvd

Accessible dumpsters but never have found anything in them

Vons 3645 Midway Dr

Locked dumpsters but may not always be locked

Barons Market 4001 West Point Loma Blvd

Behind barbed wire enclosure. No getting to this. 

Grocery Outlet 3498 West Point Loma Blvd

Been a couple times and always get some food. The first time the dumpster was loaded with good food but it was locked and we could only reach enough to fill about a box before a security guard came. The second time there was an unlocked dumpster with food. This place is watched by a security guard during the day and into the night that asks kindly that you leave. I’ve never been after 10:00 PM so am not sure how late the guard works.

CVS 3950 West Point Loma Blvd

This place is watched by a security guard during the day and into the night that asks kindly that you leave. I’ve never been after 10:00 PM so am not sure how late the guard works. I didn’t get a chance to look at this dumpster because I was at Grocery Outlet next door and the security guard came. 

Stumps 3770 Voltaire St

This spot typically has some good produce. Definitely worth a dive. usually I get a few bags or a boxes of food but not a trunk full. The dumpster is around back (not the ones on the side) and is unlocked and easy to access. 

Rite Aid 4840 Niagara Ave

I’ve never been here yet

CVS 4949 Santa Monica Ave

Dumpsters are in locked gated area but easy to climb and dumpsters inside are unlocked. The dumpsters inside maybe just the recycling dumpsters though.


Pacific Beach

There are quite a few locked dumpsters here so it’s not a gold mine but it’s certainly worth diving if this is the neighborhood you live in. 

Vons 1702 Garnet Avenue

This place can be a massive score. They set out a huge pallet of food for composting. It’s boxes and boxes full of good fruits, veggies, and flowers that have never even touched the dumpsters. A sign says that it is for animal consumption, but it’s obviously good stuff. There is often huge bags of day old bread from the bakery too. The “compost food” is only out on occasion and I don’t know the routine. The dumpsters are open but I’ve never found food in them

CVS 1792 Garnet Avenue

The dumpster is in the alley behind the store. It is always unlocked but I’ve never found anything good in it. It’s often full of trash that other people dump in it.

Einsteins Bagels 1772 Garnet Ave

Went one time at night and found a ton of perfectly good bagels. Dumpster is easy to access in visible part of parking lot

Trader Joe’s 1211 Garnet Ave

Security guard in parking lot and dumpsters are in gated area. Not sure of the gated area is locked but if the security is there all night it’s really unlikely you could dive here. Late night might work though. 

Sprouts 1260 Garnet Ave

Dumpsters are in alley and have been locked every time I’ve passed by. Recently I rode my bike passed and saw the dumpster were not locked. Could be a really good score if the dumpsters aren’t locked

Albertsons 730 Turquoise St

Dumpster was easy to access and unlocked but empty. Could be a good spot.

Ralphs 4315 Mission Blvd

Dumpster is in gated area with no access. No chance here.

CVS 4445 Mission Blvd

Dumpsters are behind locked enclosure that is only 6 feet tall and easy to climb over. Dumpsters inside are not locked. Have been huge scores of packaged food here like frozen pizzas and bread.


Chula Vista

I spent one night diving in Chula Vista and highly recommend this area. Dumpsters are mostly unlocked, very few signs that say no trespassing, and I expect lots of great scores are to be had down here.

Hometown IGA 646 E St

The dumpster is easy to access and unlocked. It was empty on Friday night after 10:00 PM. Could be a great spot for diving.

Garden Farms Market 370 E St

Dumpster is in barbed wire fence connected to store but unlocked

Fresh & Easy 691 3rd Ave

Dumpster is in a gated area that was unlocked with no signs advising against entry. It was empty on Friday night after 10:00 PM. Could hold some good scores

Sprouts 690 3rd Ave

Didn’t see the dumpster but the compost bins were out and easy to access. They were empty on a Friday night after 10:00 PM. Probably a great location for diving

Albertsons 720 3rd Ave

Pulled out about 3 boxes worth of perfectly good produce and about 30 loaves of bread. This is an excellent spot. Dumpsters are easy to access and out back. Success on Friday night around 10:00 PM. An employee happened to come out to throw more stuff away while we were in the dumpster and told us to leave but they were cool.

CVS 880 3rd Ave

Dumpsters are easy to access and out back. Did not find anything in them this time though on a Friday after 10:00 PM.

Vons 870 3rd Ave

Dumpsters are easy to access and out back. Did not find anything in them this time though on a Friday after 10:00 PM.

Northgate 1058 3rd Ave

Trash compactor and no dumpster. This place is a no go as far as I can tell.

Walgreens 1111 3rd Ave

Dumpsters in a locked in area with a sign that says no trespassing. If you go after store closed you should be fine. Hopped in and found a lot of hygiene stuff like makeup, chapstick, as well as children’s toys.


North County- Del Mar area and Solana Beach

Jimbo’s 12853 El Camino Real – 

Easy to access but in a very busy parking lot so I recommend night time. Can be a great spot. I got a huge box of fresh beet greens and a huge box of celery once and other time found nothing. I think it was from their juicing bar.

Vons 3850 Valley Centre Dr.

One dumpster was locked and the other was unlocked. Didn’t find any food but worth a check. There was a cart of about 50 loaves of quality bread in back but I didn’t take it in case it was there for donation.

Ralphs 3455 Del Mar Heights

The dumpsters in an unlocked gated area. I’d recommend this place at night since it’s a but of a busy area but we dove during the day and pulled about 3 or 4 boxes of food out of the dumpsters. Good diving here!

CVS 2662 Del Mar Heights Rd

Dumpster is in gated area and unlocked. Can be a good score.

Del Mar Wine Company 2654 Del Mar Heights Road

Tons of liquor, chips, and candy. Easy to access dumpster

Sprouts 659 Lomas Sante Fe Dr – Solana Beach

Locked up tight

CVS 683 Lomas Santa Fe Dr- Solana Beach

Easy to access dumpster but empty when I went

Panera 667 San Rodolfo Dr – Solana Beach

Easy to access dumpster but empty when I went

Einstein Bagels 911 Lomas Santa Fe Dr – Solana Beach

Easy to access dumpster but empty when I went

Vons 931 Lomas Santa Fe Dr – Solana Beach

Dumpsters locked


North County- Encinitas and Carlsbad

Excellent area for diving. A majority of the dumpsters are not locked and it’s easy diving up here with many large bounties of food to be found!

Smart & Final (479 Encinitas Blvd, Encinitas)

Dumpsters are not locked and very easy to access. We got a huge score of fresh produce there- apples, mandarin oranges, broccoli…

CVS (455 Encinitas Blvd, Encinitas)

Locked but possible to get in there. Got a 24 pack of bottled water, could be a very good dumpster at the right time

Sprouts (1327 Encinitas Blvd, Encinitas)

It’s a trash compactor but you can open it from the front. Got a big box of quality food out of it.

Trader Joes (115 N El Camino Real, Encinitas)

The dumpster is in a gated area but is open and easy to access. It was empty when I was there but I bet this would be a good dumpster.

Ralphs (125 N El Camino Real, Encinitas)

The dumpsters are in a gated area but is open and easy to access. 2 huge bags of sushi and a lot of food. It was a bit of a messy dumpster

CVS (129 N El Camino Real, Encinitas)

Locked but someone agile may be able to squeeze in

Vons (262 N El Camino Real, Encinitas)

Trash compactor that is innacessable

Boudin SF (296 N El Camino Real, Encinitas)

2 huge bags of quality bread in perfect condition. Dumpsters are to the left of the store down an alley way

Big Lots (333 N El Camino Real, Encinitas)

Dumpsters are locked but you can get in there. Tons of house goods in there and a fair amount of food

99 Cents Only (Lomas Sante Fe Plaza 145 S El Camino Real, Encinitas)

We got 5 huge bags of quality produce. All in tied double bags, fresh off the shelves. Dumpsters are in gated area that are very easy to access

Walgreens (1320 Encinitas Blvd, Encinitas)

Behind an 8’ tall gate with a no trespassing sign and cameras. Would take the right person to attempt this dumpster!

Stater Bro’s (1048 El Camino Real, Encinitas)

Trash compactor

Walmart (1550 Leucadia Blvd, Encinitas)

Has compost bins that are locked tight

Einstein Bros Bagels (1006 N El Camino Real, Encinitas)

We got a huge back of bagels and pastries here. Dumpsters are easy to access in gated area

Subway (1560 Leucadia Blvd, Encinitas)

Dumpsters are easy to access in gated area. Did not find anything though

Jimbo’s (1923 Calle Barcelona, Carlsbad)

Excellent! Tons of organic produce. Be courteous here because the management came out and were a little annoyed.

Panera (1935 Calle Barcelona, Carlsbad)

Dumpsters are easy to access but were empty

Sprouts (3243 Camino De Los Coches, Carlsbad)

Trash compactor

CVS (7740 Rancho Santa Fe Rd, Carlsbad)

Locked dumpsters

Vons (1153 Rancho Santa Fe Rd)

Dumpsters easy to access in gated area. They were empty though



I have not been diving in this area myself. These notes are from a friend.

Sprouts 9361 Mission Gorge Rd – Santee

Trash compactor

Food 4 Less 9430 Cuyamaca Street – Santee

Trash compactor

Fresh & Easy 9751 Mission Gorge Rd – Santee

Out of business. Will be a Grocery Bargain Outlet soon

99 cents only 9751 Mission Gorge Rd – Santee

Found some very old produce.

Costco 101 Town Center Pkwy – Santee

Was not able to find the dumpster

Cvs 9730 Mission Gorge Rd – Santee

Easy access to dumpster behind building. Found a trash bag full of bread, bagels, etc.


La Mesa / Lemon Grove/ SDSU area

I have not been diving in this area myself. These notes are from a friend.

Sprout’s 4630 Palm Ave La Mesa

No access, locked

Von’s 8011 University Ave La Mesa

Easy access

Walmart 8810 Grossmont Blvd La Mesa

No access to dumpsters

Target 5500 Grossmont Ctr Dr La Mesa

Trash compactor

CVS Grossmont Ctr Dr La Mesa

No access, locked

Trader Joe’s 5495 Grossmont Center Dr La Mesa

Dumpsters locked

Food 4 Less 7420 Broadway Lemon Grove


Smart and Final 7117 Broadway Lemon Grove

Easy access to dumpsters

Sprouts 3205 Lemon Grove Ave Lemon Grove


Albertson’s 7090 Broadway Lemon Grove

Easy Access to dumpsters but didn’t find any food

Rite aid 6405 El Cajon Blvd San Diego

Couldn’t find any dumpsters

CVS 6265 El Cajon Blvd San Diego


Vons 6155 El Cajon Blvd San Diego


Ralphs 6670 Montezuma Rd San Diego



Hill Crest / Mission Hills / North Park / Normal Heights 

I have not been diving in this area myself. These notes are from a friend.

Wholefoods 711 University Ave San Diego

No dumpster found

Ralphs 1030 University Ave San Diego

Dumpster locked behind fence

Trader Joe’s 1090 University Ave San Diego

No dumpster found

CVS 313 East Washington Street San Diego

Dumpster locked

Albertsons 422 W Washington St San Diego

Locked and behind locked fence

Vons 515 W Washington St San Diego

Empty dumpster but easily accessible

Sprouts 4175 Park Blvd San Diego

This can have a large amount of good quality food. People take a lot of this food and feed it to people in need on Wednesday and Saturday nights so please don’t go those nights. And be 100% certain not to leave a mess because we don’t want to ruin it for the good people using this source of food. Be very courteous if you run into an employee but go well after store hours to make sure that is not the case.

Haggen Food 2235 University Ave San Diego

Easy access to dumpsters but no food found

CVS 3151 University Ave San Diego

Dumpsters were accessible but nothing found

Walgreen’s 3222 University Ave San Diego

Dumpsters were accessible but nothing found

Fresh and Easy 3231 University Ave San Diego

Dumpsters were accessible but nothing found

Vons 4145 30th St San Diego

Dumpsters not accessible

Pancho Villa Mexican market 3245 El Cajon Blvd San Diego

Two dumpsters were accessible but empty

North Park Produce 3551 El Cajon Blvd San Diego 

Lots of food but it was all moldy produce. Could be good at times

Vons Normal Heights 3610 Adams Ave San Diego

Dumpster locked

Rite Aid Normal Heights 3650 Adams Ave San Diego

One open dumpster and one locked dumpster

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