30 Days of Wearing My Trash – Los Angeles

For one month, Robin Greenfield lived just like the average person. Eating, shopping, consuming just like so many of us are used to. But with one big exception …. he had no garbage can! Instead, he had to wear every single piece of trash he created.

For most of us, our trash is out of sight, out of mind. We simply throw it in the garbage can and never think about it again. Robin embarked on this month-long immersion in consumerism to take you on a journey, where you get to ask the questions:

“Is that what I would look like if I held onto my trash?” and “Where does my trash actually go?”

This immersive experience took place in Los Angeles, California, April 20 – May 20, 2022, and was met with curiosity and intrigue. Robin’s powerful visual showing the truth behind our consumerism served as a wake up call for millions. His activism catalyzed critical thinking and self reflection with every step he took on the streets of L.A. For many, the “out of sight, out of mind” mentality is no longer an option. A new path of regeneration, equity and justice is being followed.

Media coverage spread across the world, bringing Robin’s message of living in harmony with Earth, humanity and our plant and animal relatives to millions.

Take Action!

Want to break free from dependence on corporations and live sustainably?

  • Buy secondhand items.
  • Use reusable items. Ditch one-time use and disposable items.
  • Buy quality items that last.
  • Share with others and create community.
  • Compost everything you can.
  • Share experiences instead of stuff.
  • Buy local and support small, ethical businesses.
  • Eat unprocessed food. Shop unpackaged foods.
  • Grow some of your own food. Join a community garden.
  • Support local, sustainable growers. Visit your local farmer’s market.
  • Ride a bike, walk and use public transportation.
  • Look deeper. Question yourself. Question our systems.
  • Love yourself more than you love stuff. Find peace within.
  • Live simply.
  • Live in service.

See Robin’s extensive guide to living zero waste.

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See Robin’s resource page for sustainable living.

For the first 25 years of Robin’s life, he bought into the consumer ways he’d been raised in. He didn’t question it. In 2011, he began educating himself and learned that almost every action he was taking was harming Earth, humanity and our plant and animal relatives. He set out to transform his life and help others on the journey of equity, justice and regeneration for all. Robin made over 100 positive changes to his life in the first two years of waking up. Robin shares his first 100 positive changes here, so you can make the transition too, one step at a time.


The Story of Stuff

This short film series shares the simple truth behind all the stuff we buy and all the trash we create. Educate yourself on the issue so that you can move into the direction of positive change! Watch the entire Story of Stuff playlist for a deeper education! In these series, watch “Where Does Your Trash End Up?” and “Where Does Recycled Plastic End Up?”

Solving Plastic:

Los Angeles Resources

Live in Los Angeles and want to be a part of the solution? Here are local organizations, businesses, initiatives and activists to get involved with!

Media Resources

We have provided video and photo for media to share this message. Robin’s work is Creative Commons. You can learn about Creative Commons and follow the guidelines here. Please credit “Robin Greenfield” for all content and tag Robin on social media. Feel free to contact us to request an interview with Robin or for questions or support. Additional photos and video for Robin’s work can be downloaded here. Thank you for spreading Robin’s message to your audience!

Robin Greenfield 30 Days of Wearing My Trash