The Grow Your Own Food Seed Pack

We want to share with you The Power of the Seed!

The Power of the Seed Pack includes:

  • 12 baggies of seeds with over 20 unique varieties of greens, veggies, herbs, and flowers!
  • That’s enough to densely plant two 4’x 8’ raised beds.
  • $80 value. To purchase each of these varieties, you would spend over $80!*
  • $400 – The modest estimate of the financial value of food you can grow from these seeds!
  • 1,500 seeds total. By using this pack wisely, you can grow well over 1,000 plants.
  • We’ve selected the easiest-to-grow plants from seed, catered specifically to new gardeners.
  • These seeds are open-pollinated^, non-GMO, high-quality, sourced from Johnny’s Seeds.
    • ^All but one variety are open-pollinated. Half of the varieties are organic. Learn more below.
  • Custom, step-by-step growing instructions to help you grow a Green Thumb!
  • Use our Seed Saving Guide to turn this seed pack into your own self-sustaining supply of seeds for years into the future! Successful seed saving will mean having plenty to share with your community!

Order a Grow Your Own Food Seed Pack here!

We encourage you to order multiple packs to share with your community, so we can spread food sovereignty across the nation together!

This is The Power of the Seed! They may be tiny, but they are not to be undervalued. In the palm of our hand, we can hold a key ingredient to the liberation of ourselves and our communities. Together we can take the power back from the global, industrial food system and put that power back into our own hands and our communities!

What’s in the Pack?

Carrots (25 seeds) bolero variety

Radishes (50 seeds) easter egg multicolor mix

Turnips (200 seeds) purple top white globe variety

Bunching Onions (120 seeds) evergreen hardy white variety

Basil (200 seeds) mix of Italian, red rubin, Thai and lemon varieties

Chives (40 seeds) mix of purly, staro and Chinese leeks/garlic chives varieties

Dill (100 seeds) bouquet variety

Kale (40 seeds) mix of toscano/ lacinato/ dinosaur kale, red Russian and white Russian varieties

Arugula (170 seeds) esmee variety

Mustard Greens (70 seeds) mix of red giant and green wave mustard green varieties and choi sum (Asian green)

Flower mix / Beneficial Insect Attractant Mix (flowers) (100 seeds) This mix contains approximately 19 different plants that attract beneficial insects. Perennial and annual varieties attract a wide array of beneficial insects that prey upon unwanted garden insect pests. Watch this video to learn about beneficial insects.

Herb mix (400 seeds) mix of lemon balmGreek oregano and chamomile.

We source our seeds from Johnny’s Seeds. We have chosen this company because of their high standard of environmental and social ethics as well as their extremely helpful website and seed cost. To learn more about the seeds they provide, click here. See their Grower’s Library where they provide clear, accurate, timely information that helps you excel as a grower. You may find their Ask a Grower option to be extremely helpful. Using this form, you have access to a knowledgeable team of experienced growers to assist you with your questions.

For help starting your garden please read our Gardening Guide.

The pack includes 12 different baggies of seeds. This page serves as a resource for you to

  •  Identify the seeds in your pack
  •  Get planting information for each seed variety

The bags are color-coded to identify the seeds. If different seeds arrive in bags of the same color, a seed characteristic to differentiate the two plants will be listed. 

For information about each seed variety, including planting instructions, click the highlighted links in the following “What’s in the Free Seed Pack?” section. It will redirect you to the relevant page on 

Here is a key to help you identify your seeds. This key shows the seeds in their bags just as you’ll find them in your envelope:

Here is a key to help you identify your seeds. This key shows the seeds out of their bags:

How We Support Others to Grow Their Own Food

Over the last five years, we have provided seeds to 40,000 people who face financial barriers to accessing healthy food and seeds to grow their own food. Through many hours of research, design and redesign we have created a seed pack that includes a variety of 20 healing greens, hearty veggies, tasty herbs and a mix of pollinator-friendly flowers.

For the average person to purchase these 20 seed packs of high quality, non-GMO seeds they would typically spend over $80. We provide it to our recipients absolutely free, mailing the pack directly to their door.

One seed pack contains enough seeds to abundantly plant more than two 4’x 8′ raised beds and can produce over $400 worth of food! All too often, folks are overwhelmed beginning their gardening journey and don’t know how big or small to start. Two 4’x 8′ raised beds is a powerful, yet manageable start for new growers. It’s not too big and it’s not too small. The pack is just right.

Since beginning this program mission in 2018, we have spent about $80,000 to provide these packs to 40,000 people. If each of the recipients were to purchase these seeds individually, they would have spent over three million dollars collectively!

That’s how we’ve turned $80,000 into over three million dollars of seed value for our community!

With the modest estimate that each pack can produce $400 worth of food, if everyone grew the seeds we provided, that’s over 16 million dollars of food potential in these packs!

That’s how we’ve turned $80,000 into over 16 million dollars of potential food value for people with low access to healthy food.

This is the Power of the Seed!
As Ron Finley says, “Growing your own food is like printing your own money.”
We’ve taken this inspiration and run with it!

The seed pack was designed specifically for the beginner gardener. We selected and provide the veggies and herbs that are easiest to grow from seed. Along with the seeds, we provide a step-by-step guide on how to grow this food and a video series that shows everything from opening the pack to planting the seeds, to caring for the garden, to harvesting the food! We are providing the resources to ensure the highest likelihood of success and time efficiency for busy and struggling folks.

At a suggested donation of $20, you receive enough seeds to abundantly fill two 4’x 8’ raised beds, while providing funds for to carry out our service to Earth, humanity and our plant and animal relatives. And you’d have spent $80 to get these 20 varieties of seeds through a seed company! This is a win-win-win for everyone involved.

*A note on the $80 value. To purchase all 20+ varieties of non-GMO seeds from Johnny’s Seeds or a similar source would cost $115 plus shipping and tax. We do not provide as many seeds as come in each of those packs, so it is not an exact comparison. However, each pack has more seeds than a new gardener generally needs and there is no option to purchase fewer seeds. As far as we know, it would cost substantially more to purchase equivalent high-quality seeds from any seed company. We are so grateful to be able to provide these seeds by donation at an incredible value to our supporters and for it to fund our mission of providing seeds to those who need them the most. Note, we are not a seed company and we do not sell seeds. We are a non-profit providing seeds to be of service to Earth, humanity and our plant and animal relatives.

^We work with and supply solely non-GMO/non-GE seeds with absolutely no exceptions. Each of the varieties of seeds that we provide is open-pollinated, except for one (the carrots, which are F1 hybrid). Half of the seed varieties are organic. To provide all organic would substantially decrease the number of people we can provide seeds to for free. We purchase organic seeds where the cost increase is minimal and choose the non-certified organic options where the price is substantially different. That said, the non-certified organic seeds are produced with high Earth ethics. All of our seeds can always be grown regeneratively, sustainably and in harmony with Earth – with no pesticides – (all qualities of TRUE organic, the way the Earth loves it)!

Have Questions? Read our FAQ which includes information on growing zones (which regions you can grow this pack in), why we don’t ship seeds internationally, where we source our seeds, information on our organic and non-GMO standards, our packaging choices and more.