Free Seed Project: The Community Pack

We are delighted to provide you with the seeds to help you grow food in community! 

This pack includes a variety of hearty veggies, tasty herbs and healing greens to nourish your body and mind. Plus a mix of beautiful and fragrant flowers for our bee, butterfly and pollinator friends (and your enjoyment too)! There are enough seeds to supplement those growing for multi-families and communities. Many of these seeds can be planted now, but you can also hold onto seeds for future planting seasons.

The pack includes 20 different baggies of seeds. This page serves as a resource for you to identify each of the seeds in your pack as well as get planting information for each seed variety. The bags are in either 2×2 or 2×3 clear baggies; seeds that may be similar to others have a description below with the seed specific information. 

To get information about each seed variety, including planting instructions, click the highlighted link for each seed variety under the “What’s in the Community Pack 2022?” section. This will take you to the link for the seed on Johnny’s Seeds website.

For help starting your garden please read our Free Seed Project Gardening Guide.

Here is a key to help you identify your seeds. This key shows the seeds out of their bags:

This page is for seeds mailed in spring 2022. For seeds received in December 2022 see this page

What’s in the Community Pack 2022?

Square 2×2 Bag (seed quantities are approximated) 

Bee Feed Mix (800 seeds)

Borage (100 seeds)

Cucumber (100 seeds) Marketmore 76 variety

Dandelion (100 seeds)

Hot Peppers (30 seeds) mix of Early Jalapeño, Hungarian Hot Wax, Red Rocket varieties. These seeds are yellow, small, flat and round with a point.

Mustard Greens (2,400 seeds) Carolina Broadleaf variety (from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange)

Onion (1,30o seeds) Pompeii variety. These seeds are matte black, small and ear-shaped.

Peas (60 seeds) Honey Snap II (brown) and Bistro shelling (green) varieties

Tomato (20 seeds) mix of Valencia (determinant), Black Krim (indeterminate), and Matt’s Wild Cherry (indeterminate) varieties. These seeds are a beige color, small, round, flat and fuzzy.

Zucchini (15 seeds) mix of Noche (F1)Raven (F1), and Magda variety


Rectangle 2×3 Bag (seed quantities are approximated) 

Basil (2,600 seeds) mix of Genovese, Red Rubin, Sweet Thai, Kapoor Tulsi and Lemon varieties. These seeds are black, small, and tear shaped.

Beans (50 seeds) mix of Provider and Flagrano varieties

Beets (1,000 seeds) mix of Early Wonder Tall Top and Cylindra varieties. These bags are marked with a piece of tape on them.

Cilantro (800 seeds) Santo and Cruiser varieties

Kale (1,600 seeds) mix of Toscano/ Lacinato/ Dinosaur kale, Red Russian, White Russian and Curly varieties. These seeds are brown, black, and yellow, round, and medium sized.

Carrot – Pelleted (1,000 seeds) Rubypack variety

Radish (800 seeds) mix of Easter Egg multicolor mix and Pink Celebration varieties

Squash (100 seeds) mix of Waltham butternut, Spaghetti, and Tuffy acorn varieties

Swiss Chard (1,000 seeds) mix of Ruby Red or Rhubarb Chard, Fordhook Giant, and Charbell varieties

Turnip (6,000 seeds) Purple Top White Globe variety. These seeds are brown, small, and round.


All the seeds in this pack are from Johnny’s Seeds. We have chosen them because of their high standard of environmental and social ethics as well as their extremely helpful website. To learn more about the seeds they provide click here. See their Grower’s Library where they provide clear, accurate, timely information that helps you excel as a grower. You may find their Ask a Grower option to be extremely helpful. Using this form, you have access to a knowledgeable team of experienced growers to assist you with your questions. They respond within 48 hours.