Goodbye for now, Florida Community!

Highlight of Robin Greenfield's time in Florida – capturing moments of sustainable living and eco-friendly practices.

Goodbye for now, Florida Community!

I came just for a winter visit, yet connected so deeply I forgot I had a life anywhere else.

Deep inside I feel a desire to hold on, a yearning to stay here with you.

Over the last four-and-a-half months, I strengthened relationships with some of my dearest friends and established new relationships that I know will last for the decades ahead.

Many of these relationships center around our love for Earth, our love for plants, our love for life and our love for community. Together we heal. Together we grow. Together we form community that liberates us from consumerism. Together we are the change we wish to see in the world and live in service to Earth, humanity and our plant and animal relatives.

As I reflect on my time with community in Florida, I feel a sense of warmth and joy spread through my body. I feel gratitude for everyone who has shared support and love. With community, we created the Grow Your Own Toilet Paper initiative, the Food Forest Starter Bundle, built up the Deuces Food Forest, created a gardening for beginners video series and more. Nothing I do would be as powerful without the support of community. The special moments and hugs I shared with many of you who came to see me at my events are my fuel for life.

I also reflect on my ten days in silent meditation and my week alone in the Everglades this year, which instill in me the focus, peace and calm that I need in order to bring myself to our community in integrity.

Within this joy and warmth there is also mourning. Not all my communications were as compassionate as I would have liked and some of my relationships were strained. I took on more service than I could handle in full integrity and a few of my relationships suffered as a result. One of my dearest friends no longer desires to be friends and I am deeply saddened by this. I continue my practice of Compassionate Communication both in thoughts and words.

The time has come for me to return to spring in the Appalachian Mountains, where I will spend the summer in the Asheville, North Carolina region.

Dearest community of Florida, I will hold you in my heart and return to you when the time is ripe.


Photo 1: Ava Deveaux and I at the Bartlett Park Community Garden
Photo 2: Rhonda Nelson after a moringa harvest from her backyard garden
Photo 3: Amal Jennings, my partner in the Food Forest Starter Bundle and Grow Your Own Toilet Paper initiative
Photo 4: Ramona Brayboy at the Deuces Food Forest she started one year ago
Photo 5: Nathalia Estrada after helping me to paint my bicycle
Photo 6: Victoria and Patrick at their Dis Rite Here Juice stand who filmed and edited the gardening for beginners video series
Photo 7: Hillary Miller and I at the Jordan Park Community Garden sharing our love for building community through gardens
Photo 8: Pam Moore and I at the Deuces Food Forest volunteer day. She makes hearty banana nut muffins that bring me so much joy!
Photo 9: Daniel Koenigkann, one of my longest standing friends in the Orlando Community, coming to support me at my Grow Your Own Toilet Paper Orlando event
Photo 10: Sierra Ford and I on the compost toilet celebrating seven years of friendship and her support through her photography skills
Not pictured: So many Dear Friends and colleagues who I am so deeply grateful for

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