The Good Berry Cookbook by Tashia Hart

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Meet Tashia Hart and The Good Berry Cookbook!

Within the first few pages of this book, I felt wrapped in love. Love for Earth… Love for our plant and animal relatives… Love for Tashia’s passion… Love for her wisdom and experience and her ability to communicate it so eloquently…
Tashia’s love for life just emanates through her stories and photography!

The title, The Good Berry Cookbook: Harvesting and Cooking Wild Rice and Other Wild Foods, sums up much of what you can expect to learn from this book, but there’s so much more.
You’ll learn all about Manoomin (wild rice) also known as “the good berry,” and its importance to the Anishinaabeg, Indigenous people of the Great Lakes region.
You’ll learn about some of the culture and life of these beautiful people who lived here for many generations before it became the place we now know as Minnesota (which comes from the Dakota language, Mni Sota Makoce, ‘land where the water reflects the sky’).
You’ll be enamored by Tashia and her family’s stories as you follow them through seasons and spaces to gather wild foods. She so beautifully shares and contemplates their connections between the people and their plant and animal relatives.
This book can come out of the pages and change your life. You can use this knowledge and love to foster a relation with these plants and welcome them into your life as food, medicine and friends. The 75+ recipes (including recipes from Indigenous cooks from different Nations) will serve as a tool to help you do so.
Most of all this book is “a praise of the plants, animals, water, and earth and was written to help foster the healing of anyone on a journey of recovering their happy, healthy, whole self.”

Tashia is Red Lake Anishinaabe and lives lives at Onigamiinsing (The Place of the Little Portage aka Duluth, MN). I feel a special connection to Tashia’s work because this is the land where I was born and raised. Still, this wisdom deserves a place on every bookshelf, anywhere in the world.

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