This is my sister Rebecca! And I love her!

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She moved out to San Diego with me a month ago when I got back from my bike ride across the United States and we are having an awesome time living together. 

Just a few years ago if you’d have asked either one of us if we’d ever live together we’d surely have said, “No way, man!” Now here we are living in San Diego, California, far away from the small town in Northern Wisconsin where we grew up in a house packed full of four kids and one mom that all had trouble getting along in the cramped living quarters. I’ve got to say I love her and I love living with her.

I convinced her to conquer her fears and move away from the state where she’s spent her whole life. She did it. She left all of her friends, all of her comforts, her cat, her job, and her whole life behind to live with her crazy brother in a land far away.

I’m so excited to see her expanding her experiences and am so proud that she mustered up the confidence to come out and start a new life with me, a brother who was never particularly caring or nice during our childhood. 

I think I’m being a pretty good brother today, but I know I’m not the easiest bro to have. I challenge her. I tell her when she’s wrong. I don’t let her make excuses for anything. I come off as a mean guy sometimes (to most of my friends too), but I do it because I have a strong desire to see the people I love succeed, and get what they want out of life.

When I am direct and blunt with my friends and family it is usually because I believe I can help them become even greater than they already are. I want everyone I know to be great. I want everyone I don’t know to be great too! So, she’s got to put up with that and I’m proud of her for not taking it to heart and understanding that I want the vey best for her because she’s my sister and I love her. 

There have been many firsts for her over the last month, including her first time swimming in the ocean! She is putting herself out there and has started her own pet-sitting and dog-walking business.

As the Greenfield she is, Greenfield Pet Care will be as eco-friendly as can be. Every detail of how her business affects the environment will be taken into account and I’m helping her to make sure that she holds true to her great love for earth while venturing into the business world.

Rebecca has always been one of the most caring humans I know. She’s passionate about treating animals with the utmost respect and truly loves the heck out of every creature on earth.

If you love your pet and want to put it into good hands when yours are tied up, Rebecca is your sure-bet that the pet will come home to you smiling ear to ear. She cares more than most humans do and her actions speak louder than her words. 

So, San Diego, please welcome my sister Rebecca to our wonderful city and if you see her around town give her a big hug! And, of course, if you see me around town give me a hug too. 

Love you sis!

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