10 Things to Get Rid of Today!

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Here are 10 things you to get rid of today to live with more happiness, health, and freedom!

  1. Your microwave. Cook real food and use the stove.
  2. Your TV. Spend time outside, with friends, with people you love, reading books, pursuing your passions. You can always use a computer to watch something.
  3. Personal care items with harmful chemicals in them. Get natural body care items to replace them or find out if you actually need them at all.
  4. Toxic household cleaning products. There are plenty of natural alternatives for this!
  5. GMOs in your fridge or cupboard. Then keep them out of the house for good!
  6. One time use disposable items like napkins, paper dishes, plastic utensils, straws, and saran wrap. Replace them with reusable items! Watch the Story of Stuff to learn more about this.
  7. Plastics in the kitchen. Get rid of plastic tupperware, spatulas, bags, etc. Go with glass, ceramic, wood or metal. While you’re at it, get rid of any Teflon plated cookware.
  8. Drugs that don’t serve you well. You have to be the one to decide if you’d be better off without the booze, cigarettes, weed, or whatever other drug you may be using. If it’s not right for you then get rid of it!
  9. Bills that you don’t actually need. Cut your expenses by canceling all the services you don’t really need.
  10. Your car. Ok, maybe you can’t get rid of this exactly today but you could start the process. This could be a really big deal for some of you but I’m certain that you would find that life would go on without a car. Get a nice bike, a public transportation pass, and if there is a car share program in your city join it! (Here’s my transportation guide that covers all of this.)

All of the highlighted words are links you can click for more detail. I’ve gotten rid of all of these things in the last five years and have found it so liberating and rewarding. I wish you much success in your pursuit of health and happiness and much strength to pursue your true passions.
How many of these do you still have? Let me know by commenting below!

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