Within this year there will be no “mine.”


Within this year there will be no “mine.”
In the years ahead “I” and “me” will dissolve piece by piece.

I am making the necessary preparations to put my full effort into living in deep integrity. With deep integrity I believe I can fully dedicate myself to selfless service to Earth, my fellow humanity and to the plants and animals we share this home with.

This is an experiment that I have been on for 13 years and I will thoroughly deepen the experiment this year. It will take diligence and self-control and the desired outcome is not a given without thorough practice.

My writing today will not answer all questions you may have at this point. However, I will make clear my intentions and my strategy in the months ahead.

After the last three years of having accumulated more possessions, primarily for the design of living closely with Earth, I have shed the majority of them. This picture, taken in front of the simple shelter where I lived most of the last two months, shows what I now own. It is four buckets and a box of foraged food which I will eat in the months ahead, natural gifts from Earth which I will distribute with love, my bicycle and some very basic possessions. I have reduced my possessions by 90% this year, including the content on my computer. I have shed many of my mental attachments and distractions. Non-ownership is at the center of my experiment with integrity and I intend to take this experiment further than I did in 2020 when I dwindled my possessions to just 44 items.

In numerous ways, my integrity has been challenged since 2020. At the center of this has been my attempt to earn funds for my nonprofit to supply wages to a team of people in service as well as to provide support and resources to people and the movement. I am choosing to devote fully to walking the path of integrity and will see what unfolds of my ability to work with a dedicated team. That is a great unknown to me and is at the heart of this experiment.

At the moment, I am on my way to Los Angeles, where I will embark on a month-long experiment with truth in the food system beginning April 8th.

I am sharing with you today from three places within me:
Out of my commitment to those who follow me most closely and support my work.
Out of a desire to share my plans as they unfold, to decrease the likelihood of it feeling abrupt to others.
To deepen the reality of my plans within myself and bring them into fruition. I have found the greatest success in my pursuits by making my life a public experiment.

I have tied up nearly all loose ends in my life, and at this time completing my Food Freedom book – an empowerment manual for liberation through food – is of top priority.

I understand if my words may be met with some concern or confusion for some of you. They have many times over the last decade. My actions are substantially outside of what most of us come across in our daily lives. I will share more life updates in the weeks and months to come that will bring more depth and understanding.


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