How to Freestyle Garden

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Freestyle Gardening is spreading food gardens all over the United States and making food free, the way it used to be: naturally from the Earth. 

The mission is to make food simple, free, and growing everywhere – in the cities and the countryside, at our homes and in our schools, in vacant lots and on open rooftops, down the streets and up the walls. And once that fresh, healthy food is grown, we eat it! Freestyle gardening is free of boundaries, business, and budgets. Growing our own food and sharing with others puts the power back where it belongs, in our hands.

Here are 4 ways to Freestyle Garden:

Host a Freestyle Gardening bike ride- Load up on seeds or seed bombs and hit the streets on your bicycle with friends. Plant food and wildflowers everywhere that you think it will grow! You can even get seedlings and transplant them to the best looking spots. Just get out there and plant! Vacant lots, roadsides, edges of parks, and along sidewalks are all great places to plant.

Plant a Freestyle Garden- A Freestyle Garden is a place where food is free, healthy, organic, and sustainably grown. Freestyle Gardens create a culture that is less dependent on money and the industrial agriculture system that is currently harming our people, animals, and natural resources. These gardens use recycled materials and are lead by resourceful people wanting to be a part of positive change in the United States. They can be at homes, schools, public spaces, businesses, basically anywhere that food will grow. Sharing with everyone is a must with a Freestyle Garden!

Our favorite Freestyle Garden is the wicking bed front yard garden inspired by The Food is Free Project. When you put yours in make sure to let all your neighbors know that it’s free for everyone on the street and encourage them to start one too!

Plant wildflowers for the bees- Whether we realize it or not we are so dependent on a healthy bee population for a healthy human population. Plant flowers anywhere that flowers will grow!best-flowers-for-bees

Give out Seed Bombs. Instead of candy on Halloween give out seed bombs. Next time you’re going to a party bring seed bombs. If you’re speaking at a school give a seed bomb out to each child in the classroom to plant on the way home! Or just hit the streets with friends and chuck seed bombs!

Get inspired by our favorite guerilla gardener, Ron Finley: “Growing your own food is like printing your own money.”

We at The Freestyle Gardening Movement are Here to Help!

If you want to grow food now your seeds are on us! Get vegetable seeds to grow for yourself and your community, or wildflowers to help the bees. Email to get started! And for inspiration, please like The Food is Free Project on Facebook!

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