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Update: The Freestyle Gardening Movement kicked off in summer 2014 but the movement is still going and we are still happy to cover your seeds to help you spread free food in your city! Just start planting and make food free! Read on for more… 

We’re spreading food gardens all over the USA and making food free, the way it used to be: naturally from the Earth. We’re planting fruits, veggies, herbs, and wildflowers in and around your city, giving out free seeds, and funding community gardens. This is a grassroots movement that involves you! Come plant with us or reach out to us for free seeds or garden support in your area.

The Freestyle Gardening Movement- “Putting free food everywhere”

We are on a mission to make food simple, free, and growing everywhere – in the cities and the countryside, at our homes and in our schools, in vacant lots and on open rooftops, down the streets and up the walls. And once that fresh, healthy food is grown we want it to end up in your mouth! Freestyle gardening is free of boundaries, business, and budgets. Growing your own food and sharing with others puts the power back where it belongs, in your hands. Quite simply the Freestyle Gardening movement is going to put free and healthy food everywhere!

We kicked off the movement in summer 2014 with a grassroots coast-to-coast tour. Robin Greenfield cycled across the USA on his bamboo bicycle planting seeds along the way and a partner created gardens and planted seeds in select cities on the tour. We created gardens, planted wildflowers, freestyle planted fruit and veggie seeds, and gave away funds to help others take action. But that was only the beginning and we are here to support you!

We want you to plant something! Here’s how you can get involved!

Plant on your own– If you want to grow food now your seeds are on us! Get vegetable seeds to grow for yourself and your community, or wildflowers to help the bees. Just plant some stuff!

Start a Freestyle Garden– A Freestyle Garden is a place where food is free, healthy, organic, and sustainably grown. Freestyle Gardens create a culture that is less dependent on money and the industrial agriculture system that is currently harming our people, animals, and natural resources. These gardens use recycled materials and are lead by resourceful people wanting to be a part of positive change in the USA. They can be at homes, schools, public spaces, businesses, basically anywhere that food will grow. Sharing with everyone is a must with a Freestyle Garden!

We want to help you grow food and we’re going to give you the information, inspiration, and money to do so. Get in touch with us to plant with us or on your own. Email to get started!

We support The Food is Free Project! Follow them on Facebook for inspiration and information to help make food free, the way it should be! Please start a front yard garden!

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