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Amazing news!
I’m absolutely elated to announce that I’m embarking on an epic new journey with Discovery International! In a new show called Free Ride, filmmaker James Levelle and I are trekking across South America with no money relying on our ingenuity and the kindness of strangers. Here’s the words from Discovery International:
Can you travel the world relying on just your ingenuity and the kindness of strangers? One man thinks you can. Adventurer, survivalist and green enthusiast Robin Greenfield is about to embark on an epic journey with a truly audacious plan – to trek across South America with no money. Traveling with him will be filmmaker James Levelle, documenting every step of their journey together. From bartering for a bed in a Brazilian Favela to sleeping under the stars in the Amazon, washing plates in a back road diner in exchange for food, and hitching a ride on a big rig – Robin (and James) are determined to do it. When faced with language barriers, extreme culture clashes, violent storms, searing heat and punishing terrains, will Robin be able to convince complete strangers to lend a helping hand in his quest? 
FREE RIDE is a gritty and powerful journey into the unknown. FREE RIDE, a 6×60’ survival adventure series produced for Discovery Networks International by Raw TV, is commissioned by Elizabeth McIntyre, executive produced by Liz Brach and produced by Marion Haberman. Sam Maynard and Rebecca North are executive producers for Raw TV.
This is going to be the most grueling and challenging adventure I have ever embarked on but I expect it to be the most rewarding as well. I depart in September with no money and minimal gear. Don’t expect to hear from me for a few months as I expect not to be online very much! You’ll be able to watch the show in winter 2016. That’s all I can share for now so be patient and stay tuned for more!

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