11 Ways to Live Sustainably and Feel Great

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Over the last five years I’ve found that living more sustainably goes hand in hand with living a better life for myself. The more I focus on reducing my impact on the earth the happier and healthier that I find myself to be. It seems that being good to the earth is tied directly to being good to ourselves. What we do to our bodies, we do to the earth. Transitioning to a more earth-friendly lifestyle doesn’t have to be a chore or a bore, rather it can be very fun and exciting! Here’s 11 ways to live sustainably and feel great! Oh, and by the way this will save you a lot of money too.

  1. Bike to work or school and cancel your gym membership.
  2. Eat a healthier diet. I recommend primarily whole, local, unpackaged, organic foods and avoid processed, industrial, plastic-wrapped, pesticide-sprayed food. Eat an abundance of nutritiously dense foods including plenty of fruits and veggies. See my guide here.
  3. Drink alcohol in moderation or give up drinking completely.
  4. Take cold showers and wake that body of yours up (this will also result in shorter showers).
  5. Get rid of junk you don’t need and try not to buy more. Declutter your life.
  6. Go to bed and wake up with the sun. At the very least turn all your electronics off an hour before bed.
  7. Run your errands, literally. I mean with your legs and feet.
  8. Grow your own food. Just get started with one tomato plant or herb if you don’t think you have time for more and then grow from there.
  9. Give up your dependence on a long list of body care products and live naturally.
  10. Make your own stuff and don’t buy any food in packaging. This will mean eating unprocessed food and creating less trash.
  11. If you don’t like your job and it’s not serving the earth, then quit and find one that you can truly feel good about.

Wherever you are today don’t beat yourself up. Embrace the situation and decide that you are going to do better for the earth, your community, and yourself. Choose one of these 11 suggestions that you’d like to start doing and get to it. Once you’re feeling good with that move onto the next!

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