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Part Henry David Thoreau and part Robinson Caruso, Robin Greenfield—a former marketing man who suffered his own Don Draper moment a few years ago and chucked it all for an eco-mindful lifestyle— is truly a dude making a difference. His journey across America is by turns hilarious, gripping, and eye-opening. A must read for anyone interested in living an environmentally conscientious life.

-Mike Sager, Esquire


I love many things about Dude Making a Difference, but what I love most of all is that it’s not about a guy gifted with super-human strength, sublime skill or mind-blowing intellect; instead, it’s about an ordinary guy doing extraordinary things. Greenfield is a man with a huge heart, incredible integrity and an infectious spirit for adventure — things we’ve all got the potential for. The fact he writes about his story so beautifully makes it very easy for the rest of us to be inspired by it.

-Mark Boyle, author of Drinking Molotov Cocktails with Gandhi and The Moneyless Man


“Robin Greenfield is my cousin. Well, not really, but that’s just a technicality. When it comes to humanistic values and commitment to making the world better for all of us, Robin is definitely family. Cousin Robin not only has an incredible imagination but also the joy, energy and generous spirit to turn that imagination into magical experiences of environmental sustainability. It makes one proud to be a Greenfield. Cousin Robin, you rock!”

-Jerry Greenfield, co-founder, Ben & Jerry’s


Robin Greenfield reminds us that humanity’s urgent need to live more in harmony with nature shouldn’t be about doom and gloom: he shows us it’s about living a rich, rewarding and ultimately more beautiful existence – without creating garbage, pollution, or consumer demands that cannot be satisfied. Robin glows with the simplicity and sincerity of his message and has inspired so many to take small steps to a more sustainable lifestyle.

-Tristram Stuart, Author of Waste: Uncovering Global Food Scandal and founder of Feedback


Dude Making a Difference is a thought provoking meditation on what it means to be both part of and apart from our natural world. Robin’s writing strikingly captures a snapshot of America today – a moment in time where our country tiptoes on the precipice of great environmental deterioration. Through this story Robin offers a humble example of the divine art of living simply to impact echoing positive change on our planet.

-Marion Haberman, Development Producer – Discovery Networks International


Robin is an amazing guy. This is his story of how to live a life based on your principles– and have fun in the process. If you don’t have an opportunity to meet Robin in person, this book is the next best thing.

-Ben Cohen, co-founder, Ben & Jerry’s


The stories in Dude Making a Difference are an inspiration to anyone who aspires to create positive impact in the world — even if that means breaking convention. It’s a refreshing, eye-opening reminder that life is about more than things and paychecks; that we can, in fact, use less while accomplishing more; and that all it takes to make a difference is to have a little motivation and a lot of gumption. This is truly a worth-while read.

-Liz Core, Writer at


Robin Greenfield told me during an interview one time, “I don’t think it’s really possible to do something that’s going to make serious change in the world without a fair number of people thinking that you’re insane.” Robin is the best kind of insane and he is one of the most amazing characters I’ve ever met. I rarely get the pleasure of interviewing someone who is real, sincere, and absolutely out of his mind at the same time. More importantly, Robin has also been one of the few people to actually teach me something about… how badly we are screwing up the planet. I wish I had the discipline and the positive attitude he has towards everything. Dude Making a Difference is a testament to the insanity that all of us should follow. It’s a great story from the Earth’s best friend.

-Joe Little, Reporter KGTV 10News, San Diego


When Robin set out on this ride destined for 1% for the Planet headquarters, we had no idea how epic and examined of a trip it was. Through his trash talk, resourcefulness, stick-to-it-tiveness and hopeful romanticism, he is inspired in every sense of the word. The world is a better place because of Robin.

-Barbara Friedsam, Director of Brand and Marketing 1% for the Planet


With intelligence, humor, and heart, Robin Greenfield takes readers on a journey across America that redefines what it means to be self-sufficient. By uncovering a valuable food resource in what most US Americans throw away, he exposes our misconceptions about poverty and hunger being irreversible social problems. His determination to show US Americans how little one needs to be healthy and happy fuels his journey, and will delight and inspire even the most skeptical reader. Greenfield is more than just a “Dude Making a Difference”– he’s an energetic and caring steward of the earth.

-Barrington Irving, Founder, Experience Aviation, Inc. and The Flying Classroom; National Geographic Emerging Explorer


Robin’s book is one part cycling travelogue, one part exploration of the greener (and not so green) side of America, and one part educational experience about how to lessen your environmental impact, one small step at a time. His story is also a great window into what can happen when we make a commitment to make conscious and low-impact choices about how and where we get our food, water, and energy, and it has the potential to inspire positive changes, both large and small, in the lives of many.

-Derek Markham, environment and sustainability writer


Robin somehow makes biking across the country while producing no trash, eating 100% sustainably, running no electricity, and using no running water totally accessible. Robin’s willingness to explore himself and his planet as he searches for the best solutions to pressing environmental issues is contagious and accessible. He is unassuming and honest as much as he’s funny and adventurous. Highly recommended read for anyone looking for their place in a changing planet.

-Jonathan Zaidman, Executive Director of 1 to 1 Movement


Super inspiring read! Robin will change the way you think about time, money, and possessions. He will inspire you to take steps toward a more sustainable lifestyle and do your part for the planet.

-Andrea Randall- Writer at Near-0 Waste – Read the full review here


The goal of his journey is to create awareness and inspire people while he is traveling. In the US alone there is about 165 billion (yes, spelled with a B!) dollars of discarded food per year. Crazy amounts and I think Robin certainly have shaken up a lot of people while he was on the road and he will keep spreading his message with this book, his blog and cool movies!

A must read to get inspired by a dude who has put his money (well his bike in this case) where his mouth is!

-Yvonne Renckens- Y Fair Productions – Read the full review here


This book blows my mind and it will wow you, too. It’s amazing how taking care of the environment addresses a multitude of issues and increases your health, too! What a fun read that inspires, motivates and entertains. For sure making this a go-to for gift books and when I need a little inspiration!
-Eva Radke- Founder, Art Cube NYC


Big changes come through small steps, as Robin Greenfield proves in this new book. His journey from shallow frat boy to ‘Dude Making a Difference’ is an inspiring one because what’s ultimately revealed is that after renouncing all that we are taught to value in a modern capitalist society– prestige at work, material goods, a hefty savings account, etc – Robin has not only dramatically lessened his own personal impact on the planet, but he’s become a much happier, more grounded individual as a result.

-Chere Di Boscio- Eluxe Magazine


“When you have less you have more,” writes Robin Greenfield, distilling his first book into a message you can pack anywhere. More spirit. More time. A healthier body and planet. To illustrate, this cheerfully ascetic adventurer bikes 4,700 miles across the country, living largely off the waste of the land. His insightful journey of self-discovery explains how our epic wastefulness is leading toward environmental calamity. But it also shows how ordinary people can fight back by making simple changes. This dude’s book will abide.

-Jon Rutter- LNP (Lancaster Newspapers) – Read the full review here


As you read about someone enduring the extreme, it is really easy to draw inspiration on how you can make positive improvements with your own life. The author displays characteristics are relate-able to all. There is no question that this book will be liked by anyone who picks it up. When I read it, it was very thought-provoking and I was anxious to lend it to a friend for their enjoyment. (I am certain the author would endorse the lending of this book). I highly recommend this book and hope it is not the last by Greenfield.

-Bob Bandhauer- Turbo Bob Bicycle Blog – Read the full review here


A fun, easy to read, inspiring tale of a Walden-like cross country adventure that can hopefully demonstrate to all US Americans all across the country, whether they live in a town or city or suburb — that less really can be more. Thanks, Robin for taking this journey. Hopefully so many more will start theirs as a result. And of course, I love all the efforts described to generate ‘zero waste or darn near’.

-Jacquie Ottman- Founder We Hate to Waste


We get so accustomed to the conveniences of life, from running water to electricity, that are always available, 24/7, yet we rarely think about the consequences of our actions. In this amazing cross-country trek, Robin Greenfield goes off the grid in order to show us how simply our life can be lived, and how we can reduce our impact on the planet by paying attention to how we use precious resources. I had the pleasure of meeting Robin (bought a signed copy of the book from him, so not purchased on Amazon) and he truly lives and breathes the principals as outlined in this book. He’s certainly raised my environmental consciousness to a new level, and I look forward to hearing about more of his adventures in the future.

-Mark Lovett, Organizer and Chief Architect at TEDxSanDiego


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