#DonateNotDump Campaign Receiving National Media Attention!

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Robin Greenfield is on a mission to reduce food waste in the United States and feed people in need! We produce enough food in the United States to feed twice our population yet 1 in 7 US Americans is food insecure, including millions of children. This can’t go on! To put an end to the waste Robin is cycling across the United States eating solely food from dumpsters. In doing so he is demonstrating how much perfectly good food is being dumped in every city across the United States and bringing much needed attention to this serious issue. To even further demonstrate how much food is going to waste he’s hosting Food Waste Fiascos across the United States where he displays massive amounts of perfectly good food he finds in dumpsters nearby for the public to see. These fiascos have been blowing the socks off of the people who pass by.

The purpose of all of this is to motivate and encourage grocery stores to stop dumping food and start donating it food rescue programs and food banks that exist already across the United States. There is a huge misconception among many people that grocery stores are either not allowed to donate excess food or would be liable for lawsuit but the law is actually on their side. Stores are protected by the Good Samaritan Food Act and not a single store has ever been sued after donating food to a food rescue program, such as Feeding America.

The media has been covering Robin’s campaign almost daily since he started in Wisconsin and change is already in the making. Here are a few of the best stories that have helped bring attention to food waste. Get ready to be entertained, educated, and inspired to be a part of the solution!

If you are in the media world, or even have your own blog or podcast, please help Robin feed hungry US Americans and reduce food waste by doing a story with him! If you aren’t in the media world but you know someone who is please forward this to them! Robin is available for interview no matter how big or small the publication. Most importantly though if you are a human (yes that’s you) simply tell your grocery store to #DonateNotDump!

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