Coming Back Home

Robin Greenfield reading a book on the street.

Inspiration and information was flowing through me so feverishly this afternoon that I felt it was best for me to come home and spend the day writing. Thus, I am off the streets and back in the safety of my home.

Reflecting back on the week, it was quite possibly the most mind altering week of my life and I will certainly never be the same. A full write-up will be shared in the next few days.

2013 was a year of learning to live in a manner that is beneficial for the earth and everything on it. I know that I inspired much health and happiness, but I promise that it will be a fraction of what is to come in 2014.

I finished off the year reading the biographies of the great MLK and Gandhi, and more than ever I intend to lead by example to bring together humankind in a manner that is beneficial for all humans and creatures on earth. 

Consider this my promise and my full commitment to live for the benefit of our race and planet earth. My life is for you.

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