13 Awesome Things that are Free

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None of these things require you to have a penny in your pocket but can bring you a great wealth of happiness, health, and freedom! I highly encourage you to incorporate more of this into your life and less of the things that cost money!

  1. Friendship. There are 7 billion human beings on earth. That’s enough for you to find a few good friends!
  2. Companionship. I’m stepping outside the human realm here and diving into the other 4.5+ MILLION species that we share the earth with. Look at these creatures. They are fascinating, whether they be insects, mammals, fish, or frogs these too can provide a huge amount of pleasure to the inquisitive mind. And many can even provide a true companion, even if just for a few minutes.
  3. Love. It doesn’t have to be the love of a partner. You can love yourself, your friends, your family, or the earth. Be in love! Love is free!
  4. Hugs. Get in your eight hugs a day and you’ll be feeling great. Have more hugs in your life!
  5. Sleep. Eight to nine hours per day is highly recognized as a healthy amount. Enjoy your sleep, and appreciate that quality sleep makes for quality awake time. Your mind and body revolve around this rest time.
  6. Exercise. You absolutely don’t ever have to pay to exercise. Walk, bike, swim, lift things, climb things, jump, stretch, do yoga. You most certainly can complicate these things and add money to them but the truth is that the human body was designed to move and it doesn’t need any special apparatuses. Spend your days walking down new streets or new lands that you’ve never walked.
  7. Trees. Hug them, sit in them, climb them (nicely), rest up against them. Trees are a wonderful thing that are far too often overlooked. While you’re at it start paying attention to the plants growing wherever you are. Look at the detail of the veins or the seedpods. You could enter a new world in your own backyard.
  8. The great outdoors. You may have a beautiful woods, desert, ocean, lake, or river by you to enjoy or you may just have a park or a grassy backyard. Wherever you are some sort of the great outdoors awaits you. Take joy in the simple elements- earth, water, fire, and air. Enjoy the the breeze, the leaves falling from the trees, the drops of water falling from the sky, the clouds passing over head.
  9. The sun. Be grateful every day for the existence of the sun. Bask in its rays.
  10. Smiles. You can give these out for free all day and the beauty of it is that the more you give the more you’ll receive. The same goes for helping others, encouraging others, and inspiring others!
  11. Sex. Sex is a wonderful and incredible action that does not cost a penny and can bring great value and pleasure to life. It of course should only be between two consenting mature people. For my younger audience I’d like to share with you that I graduated from high school before having sex. I was 19 my first time and I encourage you to wait until you are emotionally ready and with a caring partner.
  12. Information. We live in an age of abundance of information. Find a book to read, a lecture to attend, or a community workshop. Of course there are options that cost money but there are plenty that are free as well.
  13. Meditation. Spend time in your mind. This is quite possibly one of the healthiest things you can add to your life and you can do it anywhere at any time with nothing but your mind and body.

I can’t guarantee that you’ll have access to all of these things at all times in your life but I am certain that no matter where you are on this magnificent earth their are enough “awesome things that are free” for you to have a purposeful and spectacular life.

It’s largely a mindset. A mindset of gratitude, of appreciation, and of curiosity. Change your perspective and you’ll change your world!

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