World Solutions Tour Update- Cancelation of Tour

Robin Greenfield talking to a group of people.

Hello dear friends,
I wanted to share an update on my World Solutions Tour for those of you wondering.
This year I had a speaking tour planned across Europe, India, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.
I arrived in Europe just a week before the pandemic began in early March, before any of this was on the radar, and very quickly my plans began to change. I remained in Europe thinking that I would manage to do the later part of the European tour and reschedule some of my talks, before continuing on to India. As time went on it become apparent that I would not be able to reschedule Europe and that I’d also need to cancel the entire tour. It’s just not the right time to be traveling and gathering large groups of people together and I doubt it will be this year at all.
The cancelation of my visits was quite a disappointment as hundreds of hours of time and energy went into planning it and there were a lot of excited people and a lot of good to come from the tour.
I remained in Europe, not because I was stuck here, but because it was as good as any place to be. As many of you know I have no home. I left my last location in Florida in the end of 2019 and gave away my tiny house and much of my possessions. I’m currently traveling with everything I own on my back. So in a sense, I am home. Currently, that is a little bar on a corner in Paris, where I am using the internet.
I did manage to have one small gathering in Switzerland with Zero Waste Switzerland this week and it was an absolutely beautiful experience with humanity. Switzerland was heaven on earth and lifted my spirits. Tomorrow I am giving a talk at Good Planet in Paris, open to all, and I am here for a week doing interviews with media.
I really miss the United States and have been struggling for the last month, feeling unable to do my fair share to support the work for equality of all people in BIPOC communities that is so needed right now. I have not pulled it together like I should and desire to. I also know that I am in this work for equality and justice for the next five decades that I could be alive and I want you to know that you can count on me for that. I will do my part. I am returning to the US next Wednesday and will be relieved to return to my home country after close to half a year. Although it is very uncertain times, I will share some plans soon, but can say for now that I plan to be of service to the best of my abilities to the BIPOC communities as well as take some very intentional time to heal in nature, as I am need of this in order to do my best work and be of best service.
I love you all very much,

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