Sustainable Living in a Small Apartment

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Think it’s impossible to live more sustainably in a small apartment? Think again! This apartment complex in Stockholm, Sweden is an example for us all. It wasn’t a sustainable place until a few residents decided to change it. 6 years ago they started a small garden in the courtyard to grow food, planted edible landscaping to grow even more food, started composting their food waste to make their own soil, and they got chickens to eat their food scraps and make eggs.

Together, 5 families care for 2 rabbits so they don’t all need their own pets. They turned the smelly old community room into a comfortable place to do yoga, host gatherings, play games, cook together, and more! These improvements made their small apartments seem much BIGGER. They purchased resources to share so they didn’t each need their own, and even a shared electric cargo bike for running errands. Over 30 of the 170 apartments take part in the sustainable initiatives. Most of the residents are busy with kids and jobs and can only do this by sharing the responsibilities, as a community. Any apartment complex can do more of this! Share if you want to live more sustainably!
To learn more about the Apartment Complex, visit #Kvarteretspindeln on Instagram.

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