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Get the Money Out of Politics!

The Stampede is tens of thousands of US Americans legally stamping messages on our Nation’s currency to #GetMoneyOut of Politics. As more and more of the stamped money spreads, so will the movement to amend the Constitution.

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Stamp Stampede

Robin Greenfield worked with us to host an incredible stamping party, and the results are phenomenal. Robin went to his bank and withdrew $1,000 in singles. He then created a Facebook event, explaining The Stamp Stampede, why it is important to him, and invited all of his friends. The event was a huge success. His friends came over, and they ended up collectively stamping over 1,041 bills. Since we estimate that every stamped bill is seen by over 875 people, by our math, that means Robin and his friends, during a casual fun get-together, managed to spread the message to over 910,875 people! Way to go Robin and keep up the amazing work!

Check out these photos and time-lapse videos of Robin’s event, and notice the smiles on all the faces! The Stampede is fun, fast, effective, and easy! If you’d like to host your own stamping party, all you need are a few stamps, and a few bills, and a few people! Be sure to document your stamping party like Robin did, and tell us about it! Send us an e-mail at!

If you don’t already have a stamp, you can purchase them here.

Robin Greenfield Stampede Party

Robin Greenfield Stampede Party

Greenback Greenfield

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