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You may not look at life the same after reading this. You may decide to lead a simpler lifestyle. You may put less of a priority on money. You may realize that humans are not the only important creatures that walk the planet. You may begin the transition into living freely. You might start living the life you want to. But beware: there may not be any going back to the easy conveniences you take comfort in now.

I am weak. I am inferior. No, not compared to the average human. In comparison to the average human, I am strong, I am brave, and I am courageous. However, I am a human, therefore I am weak and I am inferior.

I have learned in my years of exploring the world and countless hours observing creatures that we as humans are far inferior to most of the creatures that walk this planet. Yes, we are intelligent, likely the most intelligent creatures on this planet. But where we exceed in intelligence we lack in ability to coexist with the earth, the elements, nature, and our surroundings.

Like no other creature on this planet we have evolved into needing an accessory or tool for everything we do. We’ve complicated the simplest of tasks. The daily activities that we carry out just to exist and survive have become intricate and complicated.

To sleep, we need a bed full of blankets and a roof or a tent over our head.

To eat, we need cabinets and drawers full of utensils, dishes, pots and pans. We need refrigerators and ovens that use electricity and gas. Most of us no longer eat food whole and simple as it comes from the earth.

To drink water, we need it to pass through specialized pipes and systems. All other creatures can simply drink water from natural sources. We have poisoned our water and weakened our immune systems to the point of no longer being able to do that.

To wash ourselves, we need showers, and soaps, and gels, and scrubbing pads.

To cover our bodies, we need closets and dressers full of fashionable clothing from shirts, to socks, to pants, to hats and gloves.

We can’t figure out where we are going without computer screens telling us. Most humans can’t even tell you which way is north or south in their own city, let alone walk through a forest without being completely lost. A deer or wolf can get where it’s going without the help of any accessory. Every other creature knows how to get where it’s going.

Even to move our bodies, we need cars and bikes and boats and shoes and special inserts for our shoes. We need a 2,000+ pound accessory that runs on petroleum to get us to the store that is a ten-minute walk away.

To get simple exercise we run on a treadmill or ride on a stationary bike both of which take us nowhere and consume energy rather than create it. We have weights to lift and machines to push and pull on to shape our bodies into an admirable form.

We can’t even poop without the help of a special seat and paper that comes from chopped down trees. Many humans won’t even poop in the public special toilets and instead wait to get home to empty their bowels.

We have turned all of the simplest things in life into a complicated task in which we are dependant upon accessories. Most humans never think twice about how convenient we have made life with all of these accessories. Most humans would perish at the thought of not having all of these special belongings. The sad thing is that most of these accessories that create convenience for us are creating inconvenience for the earth, our environment, the people around us, and even ourselves, the one using the convenient accessories.

You don’t see the inconvenience that is being created because it is outsourced. It is outsourced to the air around that was once pure, to the water that used to be pristine, to the humans who slave away in misery in enclosed buildings, to the huge holes in our earth filled with trash, to the forests that are disappearing, and to the death of millions of creatures each day from pollution and destruction.

The toilet paper we need, we destroy rainforests to get it. The cars we need run by petroleum, we pollute our air and water to get. The plastic one-time use items we need, we destroy lives and destroy our planet to get.

All of these things that are supposed to make our lives simpler, just make it more complicated and intricate. We have to work long hours to afford all this stuff. We have to spend time at stores full of shiny objects and bright lights to get this stuff. We are constantly trying to keep up with the times and buying the same stuff, just slightly updated, year after year.

We need storage to store all of our stuff. We need insurance to protect it. We need people to take care of it. We need more money to manage our stuff. Most accessories added to our lives, reduce simplicity and time to live and add stress and complication. We are so busy taking care of our stuff. The other creatures on this earth get to live freely.

Most of the humans I know have very little freedom, always tied down by something. Simplify your life and you will find yourself living a happier, healthier life. You will have time to do the things that you actually want to do. You won’t have to work as much because you won’t need as much money. You won’t have to clean as much because you won’t have stuff to clean.

Spend your time living, loving, eating, learning, exploring, breathing, exercising, and being outside. Spend your time with friends and family. Spend your time helping others and helping create a better world. Spend your time living out your dreams.

Do what you really want to do. Do it for yourself and do it for the people around you and the earth that you live on. You only live this life once so make it the life you want.

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