Gleaning Fruit Trees in Your Neighborhood

Robin Greenfield and a group of people holding fruits, with a dog joining in.
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In this video I show some pear trees I came across in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Hundreds of pears were going to waste on the sidewalk. I used this as an opportunity to demonstrate how to clean up your community, feed some people in need, and have yourself a tasty treat all at the same time!

Step one, clean up the spoiled fruit and then put it somewhere to compost and turn into nutritious soil. Don’t throw it in the garbage. Compost it and turn it into food.

There were thousands of bees flying around as I cleaned up, and none of them caused any harm whatsoever. Bumblebees, honeybees, wasps… no need to fear them. They are our friend.

Step two, harvest. We collected about 80 to 100 pounds of fruit from these 2 trees.

Step three, share the bounty. I brought some of the pears to a local food bank and gave out a bunch of them to people in the neighborhood.

Step four, enjoy the fruit yourself (repeat this through out steps 1-3)!

See a lot of fruit going to waste in your neighborhood?
Start a group to collect it and distribute to people in need. Check out Concrete Jungle in Atlanta for an example. 

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