From This Day Forward I Am a Person of the Manoomin (Wild Rice)

Robin Greenfield foraging wild rice from a canoe.
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From this day forward I am a person of the Manoomin (wild rice).

Wherever I go, I will carry Manoomin with me and I will share this gift with humanity.

Many of you will share a meal of Manoomin with me and will hear the stories of this Plant Relative that share what it has to teach us as a society.

My relationship is only a matter of years, but it is deeply formed. Manoomin is the single plant that has changed my being most foundationally.

Chi Miigwech to the Anishinaabe people, the original people of Manoomin, who have been stewards to this Plant Relative for hundreds of years and still are today. I am so grateful for your dedication and love for the food that grows on water. I commit to serving as an ally to you and your relationship with The Good Berry.

I will serve as a messenger for the wild rice and the land, water and skies that it grows from.

Want to become an ally to the Manoomin and the people of the rice?

I have resources here to help you get started.
Learn from Tashia Hart’s The Good Berry Cookbook.
Read about and support The Rights of Manoomin.
Support the work of Sioux Chef Sean Sherman and North American Traditional Indigenous Food Systems.

PS. You might notice I’m not wearing a green shirt. I am transitioning to 100% homemade, natural fiber and naturally dyed clothing. I am learning how to do the dyeing right now and hope to be successful with dyeing with weld for green and black walnut for brown in the weeks ahead.

Robin harvesting Manoomin on Little Turtle Flowage August 2023.


Robin celebrating a Manoomin harvest as it drys in fall 2022.


Robin sharing a huge pot of wild rice with Dear Friends at Foraging school in August 2023.

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