I am breaking free from the global, industrial food system

Robin Greenfield smiling, holding a plate and spoon full of homegrown and foraged food.
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I am breaking free from the global, industrial food system.

For the last year, I have felt that I am close. As I have eaten the pint of ice cream or the convenient restaurant food, I have felt deep inside of me that I was experiencing some of my last moments with industrial foods.

I am ready to live in deeper harmony with Earth. In 2019, I spent a year growing and foraging 100% of my food. In 2022, I spent one month foraging 100% of my food. I saw that I could do it. I’m ready to do it for the rest of my life.

I will indeed grow and forage much of this food myself, but not all. That is not necessary. Instead, I will immerse and depend on my community. I plan to source 100% of my food, down to the oil and salt, from humans with whom I have connections and food that has never touched a conveyor belt or entered the capitalist system. My relationships with plants are central to my happiness and purpose on this Earth, so I will continue to deepen these relationships by centering my life around foraging and growing food. But I am equally passionate and fulfilled by community. This lifestyle will bring me closer to deep community and remove me from consumerism.

As a step toward this life commitment, I am embarking on two months of eating 100% local to the Asheville region that I currently call home. I am elated and a touch nervous, but through my decade of exploration, I already know that it is possible.

So, Dear Friends of the Appalachian Mountains, I’m leaning into you. Does the community exist here to bring together all of the ingredients for a complete, wholesome diet? I am looking to source my food from the foragers, gardeners, farmers and herbalists of the region through a combination of purchasing and exchanging of resources and skills.

If you have items you’d like to sell, exchange or gift, please email us at info@robingreenfield.org.

Through this endeavor, I will be writing a guide on how to eat a 100% regional diet for this region, that can be used as a template in other regions as well. I will share updates on this web page and on social media.



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