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Kestrel Jenkins Conscious Chatter
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Meet the woman stirring up the fashion industry through Conscious Chatter. Fashion is one of the dirtiest industries in the world- spewing chemicals into our water, dumping billions of pounds of textiles into landfills, and trapping the makers of our clothes into modern-day slavery and poverty.

Kestrel Jenkins has been working in sustainable fashion for over 10 years and has woken up to fast-fashion’s destruction of people and the planet. “We now think often about how we are what we eat … and the thing is – we also are what we wear.” She hosts the podcast, Conscious Chatter, that asks: Who made your clothes? Where are they made? What are they made of? We can all make a true fashion statement through what we wear. Buy fewer clothes and buy quality clothes that last, buy secondhand, swap with friends, buy organic, natural fibers, and support local small designers.
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