New Life Chapters Have Begun for Cheryl and I

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New life chapters have begun for Cheryl and I. We have decided to change our relationship from partners to best friends.

This post is not about a separation, but rather a homage to an incredible human and a wonderful chapter of my life.

I met Cheryl 7.5 years ago in January of 2011. We had both just moved to San Diego, me from Wisconsin and her from New York. I was drawn to her at first sight. Since then she has been a central pillar in my life.
Early on, she became a very positive influence on me. At the time we met she was in school for acupuncture and massage therapy and practicing holistic care and medicine in her own life. Her care for her own body quickly rubbed off on me. She nudged me to rethink the food that I was putting in my body and the personal care items I was putting on and in my body. I got her thinking about how her actions affected the world and how we could live in a way that caused less impact on the earth we both loved.

Together we journeyed to be better humans and to be better to the world. Fresh in California, it was a transformative time for both of us. We both learned things on our own and brought them back to each other, helping each other to grow into the humans we are today.

Our history is deep, and it wasn’t until October 31st, 2014 that we became partners. Things hadn’t quite lined up for us to be together before then, but at that time it all clicked, and we came to realize that it was right to be together.

With Cheryl, I felt a sense of completeness and comfort that I had not experienced before. The last nearly four years together has been… the time of my life. If that time was all I ever experienced on Earth, I’d say I lived a long and good life. From the simple act of holding each other in our arms and saying “I love you” to the grander adventures of leaving San Diego together, backpacking through Central America, and cycling across the USA, I will always cherish all the time we spent together.

For those that have followed me online, you probably know of Cheryl. But you might not know just how much of a role she played in the success of everything I’ve done. She has given me that sense of completeness that allowed me to be myself to the fullest extent. She has been my partner in everything and my number one supporter. Much of what I have brought to the world was through brainstorming with her, her critiques and advice, and her utter support and encouragement. I have her to thank for who I am and most of what I have done in my adult life. This is the truth. She will be a part of me forever. There is no erasing her from my life.

It takes a strong woman to handle a life with me. The longer we were together the more respect and admiration I have gained for her. Never in my wildest dreams did I think she could bike over three mountain ranges across the entire USA!

If the world of people thought and acted more like Cheryl it would be a far more peaceful and lovelier place. In 7.5 years, I don’t recall her ever intentionally doing anything mean to anyone.

She is incredibly self-reflective, contemplating her place in the world (One of our favorite things to do together was to watch The Cosmo’s).
She is a lover of all animals.
She is curious and thoughtful.
She is intelligent. It seems she can recite almost any health problem the body can have and the function of just about any part of our body.
She is complex, to the point that I don’t have her all figured out.
Oh, and her laugh… She is a ray of sunshine and a bubble of joy. I can’t tell you how many thousands of times she made me laugh, just because she was happy and laughing.
She is so many things, and a truly good human being.
But most of all Cheryl is a healer of all people and all creatures. She has helped to heal hundreds of people. She healed me, both on singular moments and holistically- my entire being.

Early on in our partnership we said that we would walk through the journey of life together as long as it was right for both of us. As long as we were growing as individuals and as partners. As long as we felt it was the best for both of us. As long as we were a match. We both knew that as people develop, they often branch off onto different paths. Recently we decided that to continue growing to our furthest extent as individuals that we should venture down some different paths.

As I looked through all of my photos to find a photo to go along with this writing, I found a theme within the photos. That theme was best friends. All of the photos I looked at are reflections of the past, but even with us no longer partners, so many of the photos could still represent today. We look like best friends in the photos. I think we are meant to be best friends.

I am not typing with tears right now. I am typing with excitement. Excitement for what is to come for Cheryl. She has a long life ahead of her and I can’t wait to see all that she does with it.

She is currently in Italy for two months doing massage and helping at her best friend Giulia’s bed and breakfast. When she returns she will be starting Community Healing Nights here in Orlando. I can’t wait for them!

So, this is not the end for Cheryl and me. Some aspects of life will end but other beautiful aspects will begin. This is a continuation, a new chapter.

Thank you, Cheryl, for all you have done for me. You know how much you mean to me. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner to guide me and walk with me through my 20’s and early 30’s. And now I couldn’t ask for a better friend for decades to come.

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