The Goodfluence Tour

Influencing Good Across the United States

Robin Greenfield standing barefoot with his bamboo bike.



Goodfluence Tour

In the Summer of 2014, Robin Greenfield was at it again spreading good, city-by-city, throughout the United States. All summer long, you’d find him cycling across the country performing random acts of kindness and inspiring people to do good. He carved a path to a more sustainable nation, and created ripples of positive action that spread far and wide. On any given day, you could have found him on his bamboo bicycle, planting wildflowers, helping people in need, starting gardens, smiling, being nice, and motivating people of all ages to follow happier and healthier lives.

Get involved! Join him on his adventures! Plant seeds with him, organize a “do good” event, or invite him to your community! He wants to meet you!

Freestyle Gardening – Putting food Everywhere!

As part of the Goodfluence Tour, we’re spreading food gardens all over the United States and making food free, the way it used to be: from the earth, naturally. Freestyle gardening is simple, creative, fun, and gives the power back to the people. We’re planting fruits, veggies, herbs, and wildflowers in and around your city, giving out free seeds, and funding community gardens and sustainability projects. This is a grassroots movement that involves you! Come plant with us anywhere along the tour, or reach out to us for free seeds or garden support in your area.

We want to help you grow food and we’re going to give you the information, inspiration, and money to do so. Visit our Freestyle Gardening page or email to get involved!

Goodfluence Tour Sustainability

Robin Greenfield is leading by example for a more sustainable nation. His daily lifestyle choices in dealing with food, water, energy, transportation, waste, and consumption demonstrate how to live in a manner that is good for the earth, our communities, and ourselves. The infrastructure to travel sustainably in the United State is barely existent, but Robin’s bamboo bicycle is geared up to help him keep his impact to a minimum and teach others how they can do so as well in their daily lives.

Visit Goodfluence Tour Sustainability to learn how to live for a better Earth, community, and you!

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