First Daughter and the Black Snake Documentary Review

First Daughter and the Black Snake Documentary Review
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In the times we live in today, it can be extremely daunting and challenging just to stand up for basic human and environmental rights. Standing up to giant corporations can seem like an almost impossible task. It’s easy to get really down about the state of the world.

When I feel down and like I can’t go on it is often seeing examples of success and of great leaders who hold true decade after decade.

Winona LaDuke has been standing strong for over three decades. First Daughter and the Black Snake follows her life of standing up to Big Oil and working to make her community and the world a more sustainable and just place. The earth is in a period of great destruction and she is one important leader showing a path for a better future.

This film is certain to provide a spark of inspiration to all activists out there who might need some motivation when times are tough. It is not just a film for activists though. It is an important film for all of us who care about our Earth, humans, and our fellow animal species that we share our home with. Winona, and this film by filmmaker Keri Pickett, are proof that it is worth standing for what is right. I highly recommend watching and sharing it!


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