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Living in Service and VolunteeringOff the Grid Across the USA

 100% of Robin’s proceeds from the sale of this book are donated to 1% for the Planet grassroots environmental nonprofits!

1% for the Planet

Through sales of Dude Making a Difference about $2,500 has been donated to 1:1 Movement, Honor the Earth for Standing Rock support, IDEAS for Us, Story of Stuff, and Northwest Earth Institute.

Robin has vowed to donate 100% of his media earnings to nonprofits. Check out the nonprofits that Robin supports through his work here! And for more inspiration check out Robin’s list of nonprofits that he admires and recommends!

Local Sales

Signed copies of Dude Making a Difference are available for San Diego neighbors at The Green Store in Ocean Beach. The Green Store is a small, independently run resource center down the street from Robin’s house. Their mission is to provide information to the public on environmental, animal rights, peace, and social justice issues to help people become better educated and involved. The center has a plethora of information including DVD’s, books, and magazines that can be checked out for free. 50% of the sales of Dude Making a Difference at the store go to the support of their mission. In this way Robin and his fellow San Diegans are keeping money local, supporting grass root efforts, and helping spread positive environmental and social change.

One Percent for the Planet

Environmental Impact of Printing

New Society Publishers is one of the most environmentally friendly publishing companies on Earth and Robin is so happy to publish Dude Making a Difference with them. New Society Publishers is committed to building an ecologically sustainable and just society not just through education, but through action. Here are just a few of the actions they have committed to in order to protect our forests and the Earth as a whole:

  • Printing all their books on 100% post-consumer recycled FSC-certified paper. Post consumer means that it was used paper that was put into the recycle bin.
  • Using vegetable-based, low-VOC inks.
  • Making all of their major books available through their ebook program and many more.
  • Offsetting their emissions to make all of their business operations carbon neutral.

They were the first North US American publisher to make such a commitment and they have since printed over half a million books this way. Through their lead by example actions they’ve helped start a revolution in the publishing industry. They were also the first North US American publishing company to become carbon neutral. It goes further than just that though. Learn more about their environmental commitments here.

Rest assured that Dude Making a Difference is in the forefront of eco-friendly publishing!

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