The Teeny Greeny is the Place for Me!

Robin Greenfield standing barefoot in front of his tiny house.
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Here’s an update to my off the grid, tiny house life, in the city! I live here without a bill or debt to my name and life is splendid. I grow food, live on rainwater, compost, harness the energy of the sun with solar panels, practice a near zero waste life, and ride my bamboo bike around town.

My last video left a lot of unanswered questions so here’s a new video that answers a lot of them and gives an update of all the change I made to the place! It’s just hard to cover everything I’m doing in under 10 minutes but this video will answer questions like: where do I shower?, what about city code?, whose land am I on, and do I pay rent?
I’ve made a lot of improvements over the last month. Every week the place is more beautiful and more self-sustaining.
Enjoy the video!

Here’s the first video of The Teeny Greeny if you missed it:

For answers to more frequently asked questions check out The Teeny Greeny FAQ

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