The Community Fruit Tree Dream

Robin Greenfield foraging on the street.
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This is my dream.
Abundant fruit growing on every street across the nation.
Healthy food at our finger tips.
Food growing freely all around us.
Independence from corrupt food corporations that are destroying our home.
No reason for children, elders, underrepresented communities, people experiencing homelessness, or anyone to go without fresh food.
Power in the hands of the people.
Nutrition in our food.
Health in our soil.
Food sovereign communities.
A common belief that food is a human right, not a commodity.
Non-ownership of food.
Local food systems by the people, for the people.
Food grown for nutrition and taste, not for shipping stability.
An equal acceptance of all food no matter its shape, color or size.
Diversity of species.
Homes for all the species of the earth.
People sharing the bounty in such abundance that money isn’t even a thought.

This is my dream.
That is my mission through Community Fruit Trees.
If this is your dream too, I want to help make it a reality.
I am looking for people who want to turn their streets into Community Fruit Tree streets by planting a fruit tree in every front yard on their block. Along with my friends at Live Like Ally, we’ll cover the costs. We’ve got you covered. We just need your dedication and determination and your dream.

Email if you are dedicated to this dream.
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