Meet Alicia Serratos – A 13 Year Old Spreading Seed Libraries Across the Country!

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When Alicia Serratos was only 8 years old she became an activist on a mission to get GMO’s out of Girl Scouts cookies. She’s 13 now, still hard at work with her current project, 3 Sisters Seed Box.

Her goal this year is to get seed libraries into 100 schools across the USA, using her ingenious “Seed Library in a box.” These seed libraries will make seeds accessible to many people who wouldn’t otherwise have them and teach people the practice of seed-saving and the importance of seed diversity. She’s on a mission to help kids and adults across the nation take control of their food back from Big Ag and to create empowered, healthier and more sustainable communities.

Her work is fully in alignment with mine and I have chosen her as one of the recipients of my World Solutions Speaking Tour.

(Update: We made a donation of $1,287 to 3 Sisters Seed Box in February 2020)

If you are inspired and touched by her life like I am, please follow her on Instagram at @Alicia.Serratos and donate to 3 Sisters Seed Box. You can also watch her story in the documentary The Need to Grow


Update Summer 2022:

This teenager helped start 100 seed libraries across the USA and you can start a Free Seed Library in your community too!
Meet Alicia Serratos from 3 Sisters Seed Box.
Learn more about the Free Seed Project.


Imagine if all of our front yards, sidewalks and streets were lined with Community Fruit Trees producing healthy fruit for everyone.
Alicia Serratos has planted 21 Community Fruit Trees in her neighborhood because she wants to provide healthy food for everyone in her community.

Food can be growing freely and abundantly in our communities. We can walk down the street and harvest our breakfast, lunch and dinner. In her neighborhood, Alicia has planted apples, pears, oranges, tangerines, peaches, plums, pomegranates, and avocados.
Food doesn’t have to come just from our grocery stores. It is and can be growing freely and abundantly all throughout our communities.

Join us by planting Community Fruit Trees in your neighborhood.


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