Meeting Alice Waters

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If Fast Food has an enemy, it is this woman, Alice Waters!

I had the great honor of sharing part of a sunny afternoon with her last week.
Alice has been diligently working to transform our food system for over 50 years.
In her life of activism she has made an incredible impact, empowering and inspiring countless people to take power back from the industrial food system and put that power back into the hands of our community. Two of her great loves are the slow food movement and the Edible Schoolyard Project. With over 25 years of action, there are now over 6,000 schools around the world taking part in the Edible Schoolyard Project, bringing growing and eating healthy food to so many little humans.

Regenerative agriculture is what we need to dismantle oppressive systems and move forward in alignment with Earth, humanity and all our relatives. Tying regenerative ag in with School Supported Agriculture is Alice’s mission to radically transform our broken food systems. Imagine schools sourcing their food from local, regenerative and organic farmers and our children eating nourishing food every day to grow into the changemakers we need. This is a true solution!

I went to lunch at her new restaurant in LA, LULU Restaurant, on day 29 of wearing my trash with Ron Finley. Word got to Alice and I was invited back to meet her. She told me when I have dinner with her at Chez Panisse in Berkeley that I might have to put shoes on. I am looking forward to working with Alice in service to Earth, humanity and all our plant and animal relatives.

Let’s dismantle the fast food culture and embrace the slow food way with every seed we plant, every farmer we support and with every meal we make!

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