Opportunities to Be of Service with Robin Greenfield – 2023 in Florida

Robin Greenfield and another person, both barefoot and smiling, standing in a garden.
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Hello from Florida Dear Friends!

I am vibrantly alive! I am elated to share that I am in Florida for the winter and will be seeing many of you in the months ahead. Thousands of hugs are to come!

For the last month since I left Asheville, I have been diligently in service, frequently putting in 10+ hour days. It has been one of the most inward months of my life, with minimal social engagements and minimal social media.

I am focused and in deep clarity on my vision to be of best service to Earth and humanity!

For everyone reading this, I want to share some updates on what to expect from me this year.
And for all in Florida, I want to share how we can be in growth and service together in person.
I will be sharing numerous posts on social media over the next two weeks, so keep checking back if this excites you.

• I am based for the winter in Gulfport, Florida, which has become one of my main home bases.
• The Asheville, North Carolina region is still my primary base and I will return in the spring.

In the months ahead:
• In March-April, I will visit all the regions of Florida, hosting hands-on events to connect us with Earth and our plant relatives.
• If you’d like me to come to your city, fill out the form below! I’ll go where I am most desired to be! If you’d like to host an event, please fill out our request form.
• I will be hosting gardening and foraging workshops here in Gulfport.
• I have a gardening activism campaign in creation that I will share more on soon.
• I will continually add the events to my schedule, so please bookmark that page.

I am seeking volunteers to help with:
• A garden I’m creating in Gulfport
• Garden activism throughout Florida (Spring 2023)
• Help with transportation and travel around Florida for garden activism (Spring 2023)
• Growing plants for an upcoming activism project (some experience is needed)
• Video production – filming and/or video editing
• Distribution of my new book, Food Freedom
• General admin to make this service possible
• Free Seed Project seed packing and distribution
• Creating a Community Fruit Trees Micro-Nursery
• Social media support
• Helping us find land to start an educational center
• Nonprofit support in Asheville, North Carolina

If you’d like to volunteer please fill out our Volunteer Form

If you’d like to host an event, please fill out our Event Hosting Form

I love you all very much!
Expect more updates in the days and weeks ahead!

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