Change the World with Robin Greenfield!

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Win a trip with Robin Greenfield!

Introducing a new adventure series that will make you think twice about the way you interact with your world. The adventures will shed light into your life and inspire you to pursue health and happiness. You’ll learn how to lead a life that is good for you, your community, and the earth, and it will be exciting and entertaining. 

You, yeah you, will be a part of the adventures every step of the away from voting for Robin’s guest adventurers, to what they’ll do on the adventure. 

In the first adventure Robin and one guest, chosen by the fans via Facebook voting, will fly to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for an adventure of a lifetime. The duo will have 10 tasks to complete before returning to the United States and you, the viewers, will select 5 of them! 

Each day of the weeklong adventure will focus on a different area of sustainability, happiness, or health, and the adventure for that day will be chosen by the fans via Facebook voting.

So, do you want to Change the World with Robin Greenfield?!

Rules to apply:
1. Leave a comment on this photo with why you should be picked. Robin and his team will choose the winner from the top 10 most “liked” comments.

2. Share the photo on Facebook. 

3. When you share the photo you must include the following information:
“I want to Change the World with Robin Greenfield. Help me win a free adventure in Mexico by liking my comment on his photo and following his page.”

4. Fill out the short application at
What’s included for the winner:
– Roundtrip flight to San Diego to meet with Rob*
– Roundtrip Flight from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas Mexico
– All expenses on the adventure**

The application process closes on November 25th. The winner will be chosen on November 26th and the adventure will take place December 5th-12th. 

*From within the USA, major airport
**Real adventurers live on the cheap and that’s exactly what we’ll be doing 

Visit for more details.

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