A Midsummer Experience at Wild Abundance in Asheville, North Carolina

Robin Greenfield sitting shirtless and barefoot with a woman, surrounded by nature.
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In summer of 2021 I spent two months at Wild Abundance.

What originally brought me to Wild Abundance is the founder, Natalie Bogwalker. Natalie is highly talented in natural building, permaculture, gardening, foraging, primitive skills and medicine making. Her skillset is deep and diverse but what tops all of this is that she is a fantastic instructor and mentor. She is the visionary behind Wild Abundance, founder of Firefly Gathering (the largest earthskills gathering in the country) and teaches classes on all of the skills above. She lives out her beliefs to a level greater than most humans I have come across. For five years she lived primitively in the woods where she built her first cabin, cooked exclusively on an open fire and drank wild water every day! I’ve learned a lot from her since we first met in 2019 and have been highly inspired!

Beyond everything I’ve shared already, perhaps Natalie’s greatest offering to the world is that she empowers so many women. Natalie is passionate about helping people live in an empowered and Earth-centered way. Through this work, she helps to bring forth people’s gifts so that they can share them with the world. Women, and all people, come away with deep empowerment from all spaces that Natalie creates.


Tiny House and Natural Building Course

While staying at Wild Abundance I took part in a ten day immersive tiny house and natural building workshop. I dream of building my next tiny house from ground up, using wood and materials I harvest from the land. This class brought me one step closer to that little dream. It was a very rewarding and educational experience that I thoroughly enjoyed.

To witness the empowerment that takes place at Wild Abundance has been very special. The Women’s Carpentry Class and the Women’s Rewilding Weekends are amazing! I’m so glad this place exists. Other classes include wildcrafting, medicine making, permaculture, earthskills and gardening. Every class they offer fills up quickly, but fortunately they also have an Online Gardening School and Online Tiny House Classes, which are incredible resources.

In the above photo, I’m working with my tiny house building team, Renata, Courtney and Mary. I’m grateful to have worked alongside these women. It is helped me to overcome my engrained gender biases, which is even more important than learning how to build a tiny house! I grew up in a male-dominated culture and it takes a lot of work to unlearn all the wrongs I was taught. I’m very grateful for this opportunity.

Living Simply

This little space was my home during my two months at Wild Abundance.
Life slowed down as soon as I made my bed here and traded in my city life of St. Pete, Florida.
Fresh air with every breath.
Clean water from the well.
The sound of birds, insects and frogs accompanying me both to sleep and awake.
Swimming almost daily in the nearby beautiful rivers.
Foraged wild greens as part of my meals daily.
Simple food made in the outdoor kitchen.
Even my pee and poop composted to be returned to the land.

Good company of folks striving to live in alignment with Earth and all the creatures we share this home with.
It was been a great two months at Wild Abundance. I learned a lot about the region and how to live in harmony with Earth here. I made many friends. I am excited about this land and the people that inhabit it. Through all of this I have continued my service to Earth and Humanity, walking the balance of taking enough time for myself to be able to continue this work sustainably for decades to come. I regained so much energy and peace during my time here.

This was my to-do/ daily goals list for the month of June while staying at Wild Abundance:

-Go to sleep by 10:00 PM
-Eat healthy. Lots of wild and fresh garden greens. Eat whole foods. No sugar. No stuffing myself or over-snacking. Intermittent fast (from 8 PM to 10 AM)
-Be hydrated
-Swim in a body of water
-Get in some movement/go for a walk
-Stretch for at least a half hour
-Get ample sunshine
-Have a good morning routine
-Be off the computer from 8 PM to 8 AM
-Add nothing new to my to-do list
-Write my Food Freedom book
-Have productive computer time

I am a guest instructor in Wild Abundance’s Online Gardening School and Online Tiny House Academy. Here is my tiny house class:


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