Who am I?

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I am alive with emotions, desires, and needs. I feel joy, sorrow, excitement, anger, hope, and fear. I desire to be desired, to be liked, and to be loved. In my own way I seek attention, approval, and admiration from fellow humans. As a social creature I crave connection and friendship. Like most humans I seek to have a purpose for my life and seek health and happiness. I have simple needs: food, water, shelter, and clothing and like most creatures, I would die without these needs being met.

I am on this Earth for an unknown period of time. I was born and I’m pretty sure that one day I will die. How?  I don’t know. Will I live on in some way after this physical life ends? I don’t know that either. I have learned a lot, but I won’t pretend to understand even a small fraction of the knowledge and possibilities that exist. I don’t know if there is any “true” meaning to life or if there is, what it is. Considering how little I understand I believe it would be close-minded to have a set opinion one way or the other. However, like everyone else I have my own perspectives and beliefs and have created my own reality. My eyes see the world in a unique way, as does every eye on every creature. I understand a lot, but I’ve realized that I understand even less.

I am alive, though, and I have chosen to do something with this life that I am fortunate to have. I desire to be a great part of this world and to be known and remembered. But more important than just being known or remembered is that it is for reasons beneficial to this planet. I have chosen a purpose for my life but I understand that it is no better or worse than any others, just different. On a deeper level I don’t know if I’ve created my purpose or if it is beyond my comprehension and control. On a more simplistic level I choose to believe that I am responsible for my own actions and can carry out my purpose as I desire.

My purpose is very simple, to create a happier, healthier existence for all humans, creatures, and plants that I share this Earth with including myself. I live to be of benefit to creatures and beings and if my life doesn’t benefit an individual, I at least intend to not cause any harm. In short my purpose is to benefit the lives of many and avoid harming the life of any. My work is delivered in the forms of entertainment, education, inspiration and generosity with the resources I have.

Happiness and health can arrive to an individual in many ways, thus my work is varied. Creating a happier, healthier world takes the diverse work of many individuals and I am just one of them. I aim to work with others with a similar purpose and to learn from and influence them. I focus on simple concepts that most people can benefit from but without the work of other groups and individuals my efforts would be nowhere near as powerful.

My inspiration of health and happiness centers on all of us living a life that is beneficial to Earth, our communities, and ourselves. That includes all animals, plants, each of the seven billion humans, and organisms living or non-living. My work focuses on concepts that apply to all beings, food, water, waste, transportation, energy, nature and the human mind, body, and emotions. I recommend simple and conscious living, thinking positively, reducing dependency on money, working for something you believe in, and living a life that benefits others.

I have dedicated my life to helping others, but in doing so have dedicated my life to helping myself. Putting a smile on another face puts a smile on my face. Teaching someone to protect nature helps to protect the nature that I love. Doing good for others results in others doing good for me. Giving to others fuels my fire. Thus I am not selfless.

I am human; therefore I have weaknesses and make mistakes. I seek to speak only the truth but sometimes tell lies. I aim to be nice to all but often am not. I try not to judge but find myself passing judgments. I desire to love all but have a hard time doing so. I work for fairness and justice for all but am not always fair and just. I forget that my reality is just one in billions. I strive to think of everything and everyone as equal but find myself comparing in terms of better or worse. I challenge myself to gain knowledge and understanding but all too often let what knowledge I already have gained cloud out the alternatives.

Just like everyone else I’m looking for something to do, a way to fill my time on Earth, and for now this is what I’ll do. As my perspectives are constantly changing so too could my way of carrying out my life. However, my foundations have been built and I think they will remain within me for my existence on this Earth.

Count on me to live a life that is beneficial to the Earth, my community, and myself. Count on me to inspire health and happiness and to protect the natural world. Count on me to lead by example and make mistakes. Count on me to love, to smile, and to live freely.

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