Websites for The People!

Websites For The People supports grassroots activists, initiatives and organizations around the world who are working toward a more regenerative, equitable and just future for all. We do this by creating websites for our partners that support and grow their mission. The websites we design clearly share the messages of our partners and serve to amplify their mission. Having a website enhances credibility which in turn helps our partners with raising funds, attracting volunteers and receiving attention from media.

Our services are offered at no financial cost through Regeneration, Equity, and Justice. It is our central focus to support Black, Indigenous, POC and women-led initiatives.

What we do for Websites For The People recipients:

  • Communicate to help make the website of your desires
  • Design and publish the website
  • Cover the startup cost and first year of website hosting
  • Provide needed support to get started

How to qualify:

  • Not have a website or need an update on your website
  • Be doing grassroots work
  • Believe that a website will further your mission

Our websites:

  • Share your message on your own terms. We’re here to support you!
  • Focus on simple and clear messaging to get your mission out into your community.
  • Show the authentic you.

Meet our recipients:

Liz Virgo

Mukwa Dodem

Oyate Kin Chante Wastepi

We are grateful to Cultures of Resistance for providing us with a grant to launch Websites for the People.

Cultures of Resistance Network promotes and supports organizations, activists, and artists who seek a more peaceful, just, and democratic world.