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This is a message I got from a friend who I’ve known since preschool. We’ve hardly talked, if at all, in the last decade, but Facebook connected us…

“Hey Robin. Dang, that comes off kinda weird to me. I’ve known you as Robin since I can even remember. Anyway, I wanted to let you know, I guess, that I think what you’re doing now and do as a whole is absolutely amazing. When I signed in to my Facebook I had momentarily lost all hope in humanity as a whole. Before posting my ripple of negativity I came across your post.

Faith, as small as it may be statistically, had been re-ignited thanks to you. Keep doing what you do. Not only for our Mother Earth, but for all and any life within her realm of being. I may not be the best example, even remotely, but I do know that we must take care of what takes care of us, give back to what gives to us, love all, and be grateful for everything.

I feel like you give true meaning to the words “Rockin’ Robin” we can’t all be musicians and performers and whatnot. However, being a rock star is a way of life and that’s all you dude. Enough said, —thank you and peace be with you—“

Send some positive ripples out today, my friends! You never know where they’ll end up, or what goodness they’ll inspire, but they’ll certainly be received somewhere. The little, positive ripples we send out as individuals will band together to make waves. Those waves will create a happier, healthier earth!

I saw so many positive actions over the last 4,700 miles of riding across the United States and can say first hand that things are looking up!

To be the change you must start from within. Be good my friends!



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